Tips For Matching Your Lipstick To Your Skin Tone

Lipstick is one of those things that, with just one swipe, can transform your appearance and mood. Nothing is better than having the perfect lip shade before stepping out the door!

 Many people do not know how to find colors that look good on them. To find the perfect lipstick, you should keep your skin in mind.

Matching your lipstick with skin tone before buying it is essential. A lipstick with the same undertone as yours looks well on you. Other colors opposite to your color wheel will clash with your skin tone. Learn to figure out what skin tone and undertones do you have! 

What is Skin Tone?

Skin tone is the color present on top of your skin. It extends from light to deep dark, depending on your genes or ethnicity. Skin tones do not always remain the same. You may start to get tan in the spring to tan in the summer. Your surface tone will commence going back to normal during the fall time. Your skin tone may become lighter than usual during the winters.  

When you are trying out different products, you must assess the skin around your face. It can be your neck, arms, and chest.

 The observation will help you know your coloring because the body color does not change as much. 

It will help balance out the color of your face, leading you to find the best lipstick color.  

What Are Undertones?

Unlike skin tone, these colors are not on top of the skin but underneath the skin!

Undertones can be confusing and unique. They are a mixture of different percentages of colors. If you have ever seen a painter paint, he uses different colors like blue, green, red, yellow, white, or purple to build up to the desired skin color of the human he is painting. Just like that, you can also play around on your canvas with these shades and determine your undertone. Practice by mixing these primary colors. Make three segments on your arm and mix warm colors on one section, and so on. Whatever part looks the closest to your skin, that is your undertone.

Types of Undertones

Dark skin tone does not mean the individual has a warm undertone or, light skin does not mean that they have cool undertones. 

Everyone has their own set of undertones, regardless of skin tone. Undertones get mainly considered as three categories:

1. Warm Undertone

The warm undertone has red, orange, and yolk yellow colors to it. There are many ways to determine your undertone. Many believe that observing the color of your veins can help you know the undertone of your skin. If you see green veins, you have a warm undertone. You can also test your skin with a white or an off-white t-shirt. If your skin feels brighter and healthier in an off-white t-shirt, you have warmth in your skin. Golden jewelry tends to look great on people with golden undertones. If you find yourself getting tan quickly rather than getting pink, you have warm undertones. 

2. Cool Undertone

Colors like green, blue, and violet fall under the cool-undertone category. According to the vein test, if you have blue veins, it means you have cool undertones. Cool undertones tend to look better in a pure white t-shirt. If your silver jewelry tends to look better on you instead of gold, you are on the cooler side. People with this undertone get burned and red easily in the sun instead of tan. 

3. Neutral Undertone

Neutral undertones have red, blue, and yellow following through them. A neutral undertone is a mixture of warm and cool undertones. If you see both blue and green veins peaking out, you may have neutral undertones. You will look great in both pure white and off-white t-shirts during the shirt test. You are a lucky one because everything, both gold, and silver, will look great on you. If an individual does not tan immediately but does after consistent exposure to the sun, they are neutral.  

Tips to Match Your lipstick With Your Skin Tone

Matching your lipstick with the skin is fun but also very confusing. Just like the colors, our skin tone has a hue as well. Going outside of your color wheel would not be the most flattering choice. 

1. Lipsticks for Warm and Cool Skin Tone

 Warm skin tones should wear colors that have an undertone of orange or yellow. Light and cool colors are not flattering and look ashy on warmer skin tones.

Cool skin tones should pick the lipstick that seems to have a blue or purple hue in them. Warm colors can make them look dull and even sickly. 

1. Nude Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks are the best choice if you can not choose what lipstick you should wear. It looks seamless on everyone even if you are going for work or a night out.

Nude lipsticks will never disappoint you! However, a nude shade is just as tricky to pick out as your foundation. People never seem to pick out the correct nude shade. Some nudes look way too dark, while some look straight up ashy like chalk.

  • For a warm tone: Peachy and brown nudes. 
  • For cool-tone: Pink and pastel nudes. 

2. Reds

Red is undoubtedly a classic beauty. Applying red lipstick is a perfect way to accentuate your perfect lips and add drama to your look. Many do not know that this classic also has many shades. There are different undertones. 

  • For a warm tone: Deeper and orangey reds. 
  • For cool-tone: blue-toned and brown-toned reds.

3. Pinks 

The shade pink has been a favorite for many since childhood. Our favorite dolls and their beautiful pink lips stole a place in our hearts. Pink is a universal pink shade and looks great for any event, age, and on everyone. However, there is not just one shade of pink. Pink has one of the best varieties of shades. 

  • For a warm tone: strawberry, rouge, and magenta.
  • For cool-tone: Baby pink, fuchsia, blush, and rose pinks. 

4. Purple

Purple is a very bold shade. Anyone wearing purple does get stares but also makes a statement. Many people shy away from purples because they think that they do not look good in them. However, picking out the perfect color with the right undertone might have you fallen in love with the shade. Try it next time you go shopping. 

  • For warm tone: byzantine, mauve, and mulberry 
  • For cool-tone: lilacs, lavender, and eggplant.

2. Lipsticks For Neutral Skin Tone

  You have scored big if you have a neutral undertone. You are free to use whichever lipstick you like. Experiment with different shades to find which color suits you the most. Both cool and warm tones will look perfect on you.

Bottom Line

Choosing the best lipstick is the top priority of a woman. The article helps you learn about your skin tone and determine your undertone with the help of the given tests above. Experiment with yourself to know what undertones are in your lipstick. When you finally learn to discover undertones, you can get the perfect lipstick!