Tips for Dressing Comfortably With an Ostomy Bag

Everybody tends to get body-conscious. Either as a result of weight loss, weight gain, a scar, and even mild issues like acne.

Feeling distraught after a major surgery like an Ostomy is only normal. Your body just went through a major change which is going to change your way of life either temporarily or permanently. Your way of life includes the way you dress as you would want to do everything possible to hide your Ostomy bag and at the same time dress stylishly and comfortably.

This article deals with Tips for dressing comfortably with an Ostomy Bag.

Okay, the first thing you want to do is to ditch the idea that you would never dress stylishly again because you would always have to put on a plus one size to hide your Ostomy bag.

Even with an Ostomy bag, nothing should make you uncomfortable or two centuries behind in the fashion world.

Here are Tips for dressing comfortably with an Ostomy Bag.

1. Change your wardrobe!

An ostomy surgery might be that perfect excuse to change your entire wardrobe. Clothes that you wore before your surgery might not hide your bag and might be uncomfortable for you, so let’s go shopping. You would want to get new clothing like hoodies, scarfs, slacks, high-waist pants, high-waist underwear, mom jeans, plus one dress, cross bags, pleated skirts, waist purses among others. For men, patterned shirts, jokey briefs, jackets, and vests will do just fine to ditch the sweatshirts and tunics, jeans, and any other clothes you would say bye to.

2. Get a belly band

Doesn’t matter where your bag is, either under your abdomen, by the left side, or right side, either way, wrapping a belly band or a ileostomy wraps underneath your outfits helps to put the ostomy bag in place and to even out the entire thing.

3. Multiple layers

Putting on multiple layers, from camisoles to tunics to T-shirts helps a great deal in hiding your ostomy bag. This method is best during cold weather. Multiple layers give warmth and comfort as well as keeping your Ostomy bag out of sight.

4. Cross bags, scraves. and waist purses

Gender doesn’t matter here. Cross bags, scarves, and waist purses happen to be stylish and could serve as a last-minute additive to your entire outfit if you don’t feel comfortable with the bulge of your Ostomy bag underneath your initial outfit.

5. Draw attention away from your bag

Explore. Having an Ostomy bag shouldn’t deter you from exploring your fashion sense. You could go all out on makeovers, jewelry, or amazing shoes. These do not have to be subject to care for your bag. Chequered shirts, patterned or striped outfits help in drawing attention far away from your bag.


Adjusting to your new reality might be tedious and frustrating at first, but you would get through gradually. I hope this article on Tips for dressing comfortably with an ostomy bag helps you get through your new reality.