The Top Glamorous South American Travel Destinations

South America is an exciting continent full of cities and places waiting to be discovered by the world. The continent may not be the world’s glamorous, but it has serious, exclusive destinations scattered all throughout. If you’ve got a lot of extra cash and you’re looking to travel in style in South America, check out these stunning, glitzy places that South America has to offer. You can also check out the best male strippers in Adelaide to add hype to your event.

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is a tropical paradise featuring golden beaches, azure waters, tropical rainforests, forested mountains and a World Wonder. Besides offering the nature’s beauty, the city of Rio de Janeiro is the party center for Brazil. Every year, the Carnival – which is the world’s greatest street party – takes place over the city wherein Samba dancers turn out in full force, dancing vigorously to the heart-pounding music in the festival. But even if your stay doesn’t coincide with the festival, the city is still full of festivity and glamour. There are a lot of cultural attractions, fine dining restaurants, luxury shopping and amazing resorts around the beautiful beaches of Ipanema. Mostly everyone who has visited Rio has fallen in love with this festive, fun and beautiful city.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America, and is known for being elegant and sophisticated. You can see French and Italian influence all throughout the city, with its beautiful theaters, opera houses, symphonies and galleries teeming with culture. You can also find a lot of parks, shopping centers, restaurants and nightlife. You won’t be bored in this fun-filled city. One great way to have fun in this city is to explore the barrios, as walking from one neighborhood to the next offers an adventure. During the night, the city is very much alive, as restaurants don’t start serving until 10 pm, and nightlife doesn’t kick off until 1 am.

3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest city in Brazil, Sao Paolo is an international hub for finance, commerce and culture. It’s the third largest metropolis in the world, and is home to some of South America’s most iconic skyscrapers. It’s a sophisticated city that offers a melting pot of cultures, offering cultural and dining influences from Italy, Japan, Germany and Lebanon, just to name a few. These influences gives it some excellent restaurant choices. There are also plenty of attractions at Sao Paulo, like the Batman Alley, which is an open air gallery of street art, as well as the previous highest Lego Tower. Of course, glitzy women can shop all you want from its many high-end designer boutiques to markets full of handicrafts and antiques.

4. Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

Patagonia is known as one of the most expensive regions in South America, largely due to the strong economy of the two countries and its isolated location. Travelers with an eye for natural beauty and zest for adventure are attracted towards this region, as you can enjoy the view of the Andes Mountains, icy glaciers, emerald lakes, wild fjords and hardwood forests that are all stunning. Even for backpackers, going to Patagonia can be expensive, so they can camp in the wilds to save some money, but glamorous travelers can choose from many upscale eco-resorts, and even hire porters to lug their gear while on a hike. Enjoy the beauty of nature and take on a hike of a lifetime, and when the day is over, retreat to your cozy lodge and get energized with fresh supply of seafood and wine.

5. Lake District, Argentina

Stretching across the northwestern tip of the Argentine Patagonia lies the picturesque Lake District. This beautiful place is strategically located between the Andes Mountains and Chilean Patagonia in the west and the Atlantic Patagonia in the East, giving you a breathtaking vista from every angle. The region’s major hub is Bariloche, which provides a tranquil setting for outdoor lounging, savoring local cuisine and admiring the postcard-worthy scenery. But in the heart of the city, you can also discover beautiful European architecture with local hardwood accents that create a lofty urban vibe. From Bariloche, you can travel to Cerro Catedral to enjoy a luxurious ski retreat.

6. Machu Picchu, Peru

If you want to want to travel to one of the most popular, iconic and historical sites in the world, don’t forget to include Machu Picchu to your bucket list. It’s the most representative and ancient city of Peru that is renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls and intriguing buildings that rely on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. While the masses and other travelers are sleeping in the town of Aguas Calientes, the wealthy prefer to stay in the lavish and classy Belmond Sanctuary Lodge that us just a short stroll away from the ancient Inca citadel. Once you’ve explored Machu Picchu, you can also visit the city of Cusco, which is known for its Spanish colonial architecture and beautiful archeological remains. The city is also home to a lively nightlife, giving it the nickname “party capital of Peru.”

7. Florianopolis, Brazil

The seaside city of Florianopolis is where the Brazil’s richest go to unwind during summer. It’s the capital of Brazil’s Santa Catarina state island. Nightlife is particularly flourishing here, and the prices in the most prestigious establishments are close to Vegas prices. Florianopolis is also famous for its white sand beaches, lush rainforests and diverse hiking trails. The north part of Florianopolis is filled with five-star resorts, restaurants, world-class spas and designer stores perfect for those on a luxury getaway. In high season, the city is filled with tourists enjoying their days off in the beautiful beaches and enjoying the glamorous festivals in the island.

8. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is the most popular resort and beach town in Uruguay. Well-heeled Uruguayan and Argentines flock to this glamorous city with an iconic landscape, extravagant parties and incredible beaches. The influx of rich holidaymakers in this area brought an increase of lavish apartments, luxurious wellness retreats and spa, five-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and boutique designer stores in the area. Whether you want to go to a golfing resort, casino hotel or countryside, Punta del Este has it all. It also has some of the best art museums in the country and an array of lively bars that offer great music and delicious mixed cocktails.

9. Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Robinson Crusoe Island is a wondrous place for adventure in the South Pacific. This island features a unique landscape with rich, native biodiversity and beauty found nowhere else in the world. Only around 1% of Chile’s population has visited the island, so it’s one of the most exclusive places on earth. You can stay at the Robinson Crusoe Island Resort in either a lodge or luxury hotel with accommodations that can suit you. In this island, you can enjoy trekking, diving, sport fishing, horseback riding, surfing and kayaking. You can also catch fish and cook them right away in their boats with small stoves called chalupas.

10. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is one of the most remarkable and extreme vistas in South America. Named as the world’s largest salt flat, this was a prehistoric lake that went dry and left behind a desert-like landscape of white salt and rock formations. Thick crust of salt on the ground are covered by quilted, polygonal patterns rising from the ground. This offers an other-worldly ecosystem but it harbors many pink flamingos. Opt for a private jeep tour and stay in refined eco-lodges, or in the extravagant salt hotel: Palacio de Sal, which is built out of salt bricks and also features salt furniture.