The Mini Earring Trend

The mini earring trend is perfect, if you’re more of a minimalist at heart; you enjoy clean, simple accessories; or you’re leading a busy lifestyle that doesn’t really leave time for fussing with your jewelry every morning. Delicate accents are beautiful on anyone, and they are quickly emerging as a fashion favorite. Here’s how you can master the whimsical mini earring trend…

Shop for quality

Quality pieces are key to looking expensive, well put together and elegant, no matter what you’re wearing. Shopping for beautifully made, handcrafted earrings will steer you towards jewelry that you can wear and treasure for years to come. Cheaper alternatives might be very tempting in the moment, but they’re only going to tarnish quickly, break after minimal wear, and are probably designs that move in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. Higher quality, classic earrings will shine in their simplicity and stay with you forever. Build a gorgeous collection of high end jewelry to create eye-catching, timeless ensembles that are always in style.

Keep it responsible

Responsible jewelry shopping goes hand in hand with searching for quality items, so if you’re browsing the right brands, this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Try sticking to designers who prioritize sustainability, ethical practices and authenticity. Jewelry should not come at the cost of the wellbeing of those who create it, nor should it deplete our environment. This is especially so, given there are so many companies using organic, raw, eco-friendly materials to hand-craft stunningly unique pieces that anyone would fall in love with. Feel good about your mini earrings! Although this is a current trend, a dainty earring really never goes out of fashion, and shopping responsibly will lead you to amazing pieces that stand the test of time.

Choose color for added personality

Mini earrings are gorgeously subtle, but if you’re looking for that extra something to bring a tad more style to your daily outfits, take a look at your options for gemstone mini earrings. Gemstones are amazing because they’re incredibly striking, unique, and bring a hint of refined color whilst still maintaining the delicate aesthetic you’re seeking with your mini earrings. You can find anything from pale pastels, to the deepest, richest hues you could possibly imagine – choose according to your personal taste!

Mix and match with other pieces

One of the best things about the mini earring trend is that it gives you so much room to play around with your styling. You can take your earring styling to the next level by getting into the coveted ear stacking look, where you layer up piercings, ear cuffs and studs to create an eye-catching eclectic look. If you’re more of a ‘one set of earrings at a time’ kind of person, consider mixing and matching your gemstone mini studs with other colorful jewelry. Statement pendants, layered rings and bracelets will all pair perfectly with your small studs. Whether you want to layer up for added effect, or leave your studs to shimmer on their own, your mini earrings are going to look amazing.

Take your time

Lastly, give yourself the breathing space to really find pieces that you love. This also goes for your styling process – lay around and try out different variations to find the aesthetics and ensembles that suit you most. This will allow you to have the most self expressive and successful styling result possible, which is essential for putting your own personal stamp on trends.

Are you ready to try out the mini earring trend?