The Best Desk Foot Rest Pillow You Need to Try in 2022

Did you know that your feet are the source to likely the majority of your pain, along with the majority of your comfort?

Our feet and the positioning of them when we are sitting can directly impact our physical health and how comfortable (or not comfortable) we feel.

Chances are, a lot of us have gotten used to having our feet dangling from the chairs or staying in one position for an entire workday. When this happens, our blood circulation becomes limited in our feet and can cause a whole slew of health complications. This includes strained muscles, sore ligaments and tender tendons. Poor circulation in our feet can even work its way up into our lower back area and result in long-term back pain.

The good news is, there is an easy fix to this! The best desk foot rest pillow can significantly improve the way we sit and our overall physical and mental wellbeing. But what should you be looking for when it comes to the best desk foot rest pillow to try out in the new year?

To help ensure your work from home life gets off to a great start, we have rounded up all the top qualities that go into making a quality desk foot rest pillow.

It Has an Ergonomic Design

This is one of the most important factors to consider when trying out your foot rest pillow. An ergonomic foot rest is a special type of pillow that is specifically designed to go under your desk and for people of various heights to comfortably put their feet on when in a seated position. The details of this design include the ability for those using the foot rest pillow to be able to rock their feet in multiple directions so that their blood circulation continues to stay optimized. So cut down your search for the best desk foot rest pillow by only considering ones that have taken an ergonomic design into account.

It is Adjustable

We are all different shapes and sizes. So the best foot rest pillows should be too. When it comes to being able to get your feet perfectly lined up onto your foot rest pillow, you should be able to adjust it within inches of what you need. This means that regardless of your height, you can adjust the foot rest pillow to work with your body, not against it. Depending on the brand you get, you should be able to simply raise the foot rest up and down in a matter of seconds.

It Rocks, Literally

As we mentioned at the start, one of the main benefits of having a desk foot rest pillow is to ensure that your blood circulation in your feet continues to flow. In order to do this, your foot rest needs to allow and encourage your feet to move while you are seated. This means that the foot rest should not just simply be a lifeless prop. Instead, it should be curved so that it does not get completely locked into the floor. Many of the best will literally rock back and forth with minimal effort from your feet. This simple movement will be a game-changer when it comes to your overall comfort and health.

It Uses Quality Material

The materials that the best desk foot rest pillow are used with matters. This means that the material of the pillow should be made of 100% memory foam so that the pillow can really conform to your whole body and offer optimal support. The materials on the exterior of the pillow also matter. The best ones have a removable cover that you can easily wash and dry. That way you can always be resting your feet on the most comfortable and clean pillow possible.

It Should Be Orthopedic Recommended

Like all things with your health, the best desk foot rest pillow to use is the one recommended by your orthopedic doctor. These specialists are experts when it comes to all things feet and will be able to ensure that you get the foot, leg and hip relief that you deserve. So before you go ahead and purchase, make sure to chat to a medical professional and get their expert opinion as well. And the actual pillow itself should be able to boast about the fact that it has been recommended by orthopedic doctors too.

There are many qualities to look out for when it comes to finding the best desk foot rest pillow. So simply ensure that when looking for one yourself, the pillow checks all the above criteria so that you can sit into 2022 as comfortably as ever.