Taking Any Outfit from Day to Night

Being able to wear the same outfit during the day, and into the evening makes life easier. It means that you can go out straight from the office, feeling confident and knowing that you look great. It also makes packing for holidays far easier if the outfit that you wear on the beach or around the pool is also perfect for a night in the bar or chilled out dinner. But it’s not always easy. There is a difference between day and night outfits. During the day, you want to be comfortable, perhaps smart or stylish. You might favor a relaxed look. At night, you want to appear fun, sexy and glam. How can you achieve two looks with one outfit? The trick is often in the accessories.

Change Your Accessories

For work, you may stick to the basics e.g. a plain ring and simple studs in your ears. You might carry a practical bag with plenty of space for your laptop and anything else that you might need for your day. Swapping these useful accessories for fun options can be a great way to change your look totally. Add some bling to your jewelry, leave the professional bag at the office and take a stylish clutch out for the night.

Cinch in Your Waist

Whether it’s a plain shift dress for work or a chilled-out maxi on the beach, it’s unlikely to show off your body. However, these Gucci belts could give you a great way to cinch in your waist, show off your shape and give your basic outfit a little extra style.

Add Some Bold Makeup

It’s incredible how a sweep of red lipstick or the addition of glamourous smoky eye makeup can change both how you look and how you feel. Keep your makeup simple during the day, and it’s easy to add a bolder look for your evening out. If you prefer a more natural look, even some lip gloss and letting your hair down can make a world of difference.

Level Up Your Shoes

Shoes don’t just change how you look. They make you stand taller and feel more confident. Stick to smart shoes in the office or comfy sandals on the beach. Then, keep your outfit the same but add a heel, or a patent brogue to glam things up in the evening.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more casual look, add a canvas pump and denim jacket to your smart office attire to dress things down.

Make a Statement

Ask yourself how you can make a statement without changing your clothes. A large pendant, dangling earrings, a bright bag, colorful shoes or even an attention-grabbing broach or hair accessory can draw attention, making your simple outfit the last thing that anyone notices.

Start the day with something simple, a plain suit, or a simple dress. A pretty sundress or a Demin skirt and cami that you feel comfortable in, and it’s easy to add accessories, shoes and makeup to change things up. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and don’t underestimate how great you look in your daytime outfit – chances are, you could go out just as you are, and no one would notice.