Spot On With Dame! Be Your Own Wellness Boss

Ever felt shy and confused about how to take care of your private parts? But at the same time, envied the ooh-so charming Hollywood bikini-clad beauties.

Well, don’t worry, it’s not just you who desires a smooth ride every time with your partner.

A perfect intimate moment is not just a tantalizing tease by magazines and movies anymore.

Tips that you need for that perfect vagina

Women often make the grave mistake of not taking care of their vaginas and hence end up having an itch or two down there. The level of discomfort that comes with lack of care and effort is not only painful but can have an impact on their sexual lives. And who wants a rocky ride in that aspect?

Well, not us and hopefully not our readers too. So here are a few tips that you need to follow to enjoy a perfectly healthy vagina and have a bomb of sex life.

Work On That Weight Of Yours

OH YES! Your body weight plays a significant role here too. Keeping your body weight healthy with a proper diet is a necessity. If you’re diabetic and fail to keep your hands off those sugars, then you are putting yourself at considerable risk.

The constant itch can be a terrible mood upsetter when you are looking to get cozy with your partner.

A high level of sugar puts you at risk of ending up with yeast infections or urinary tract infections. So a healthy body weight with a good diet is all you want to please your vagina.

A Dose Of Nature Down There

A fruity note and a whiff of flowery pleasure can be very naughty. So it’s natural for you to prepare yourself for your partner. But what we would suggest is to be a tad bit careful.

The majority of the lubricants that are available today are full of chemicals, and they end up harming the balance of the vagina, which can cause infections. Getting yourself natural lubricants so that you can have that perfect date that you’ve dreamt of and at the same time face no risk of disturbing the natural pH balance.

Let The Scent Prevail

Might sound confusing, but all we meant was to not douche yourself. Please don’t let your Vagina suffer just because you want it to smell good.


Your vagina is perfect just as it is. There is no need to introduce foreign chemicals into that sensitive area. These douches usually have chemicals that yet again disturb the pH of your vagina.

The douche can give you a sweet-smelling one night stand, but in the long run, there will be only one word for it. Regret!

A Bit Of Me Time

Stealing a few minutes off the clock can be very challenging, especially if you are a working woman. A luxury like a long dip in the tub with a glass of wine may seem like a far fetched dream.

What we suggest is to go fetch your wine glass and be your own boss and say yes to some me-time. Grabbing a waterproof little toy on the way to the tub can be an added bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Go get that wine off the shelf and pop it up, and live those moments of guiltless luxury.

Final Word

Your vagina needs you as much as any other body part. Proper care and maintaining it can help you have the perfect feel-good day, every day. The other significant advantage is the perfect sexual life you can enjoy all night long.