Six Ways to Style Wide Leg Jeans This Spring

After many years of skinny pants, wide leg pants are back in style. You may be feeling a little lost on the best way to style these pants to feel stylish and on trend. You can easily dress up or down a wed legged jean just by what you pair it with. Here is what to pair your wide leg jeans with so you look stylish and trendy everyday. 

The Crop Top

Another fashion trend that may not be going anywhere anytime soon is the crop top. This trend has been wildly popular since the 1970s paired with low rise jeans. Today we see crop tops worn with low rise and high rise jeans and both are fashionable. This is one way to style your wide leg jeans that is cute and trendy.


If you are not comfortable showing your belly off another option is tucking in your shirt. A form fitting shirt will look best with the wide leg jeans and then tuck it in for a finished look. This could be a tshirt, a turtleneck, a tank top, a button down, or even a thin sweater. This look could be casual or a more dressed up look if you need that. Whichever way you go, this is definitely a winner.

The Overshirt

Oversized has been back in style now for a little while and we love to see it. Another fashion forward pairing for your wide leg jeans is a tank top either cropped or tucked in paired with an oversized button down. This is perfect for cooler weather or for a layered look. Be sure to leave the button down open and show the top for a layered look. Wearing the shirt buttoned up and oversized may not be the look you want. This would also work with a trench coat if you live in a colder area. The key to wearing wide leg jeans is to not have everything wide or oversized. Having a layer that is form fitting, tucked in, or cropped gives your outfit the dimension it needs.

The Matching Set

Matching sets are all the rave right now from athletic wear, outerwear, sweatsuits, even matching pajama sets. Get a cute matching denim set in either a denim wash, a pattern, or a fun color. This is a fun way to look stylish, put together, and comfortable without having to mind two pieces that look good together. Who does not love looking effortlessly flawless?

The Perfect Shoes

The last thing you may be wondering is what shoes to wear with your wide leg jeans. Luckily the possibilities are endless so you are set no matter the occasion. For a more casual look, go for a high stop sneaker, chunky sandals, or a chunky sneaker. This is perfect for everyday wear, but still very fashionable. If you would like a more dressed up look, you can pair them with a strappy heeled sandal, pumps, or a heeled boot. Heels give the look more dimension and really catches the eye. It gives the flawless dressed up finish you were looking for.

The Best Bag

When planning out your outfit, finding the best bag for the outfit and the occasion is another important component. For a dressed up look, add a small clutch or a small handbag to hold your important things. For work or anytime you need a larger bag, a larger leather tote could work perfectly. For casual and on the go, a simple cross body or fanny pack could be the perfect thing to complete your look.

Stay Trendy

Styles and fashion are always changing but following these five fashion tips can help you stay high fashion and on trend whether you are dressing up or keeping it casual. Many fashion trends come and go but wide leg jeans have proven themselves timeless. You may as well learn the correct way to style them now. This is an item you could spend more on because it is timeless. Find a good, quality pair of jeans that will hold up well and that fit your body perfectly. You want to feel comfortable and like you could wear your jeans all day. It is important to find a good company with good values. Making clothes is not the most eco-friendly, but there are companies that are sustainable and care about the planet. You may pay a little more for this item, but it will be worn for years and you will be supporting a company that will put your money to good use. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, and it feels good doing that by simply buying a good pair of pants.