Shany Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation Review

As a brand, I’m not totally familiar with Shany, but if their Perfect Canvas liquid foundation is any indicator of the rest of their products, they might be a favorite for women with skin sensitive to cosmetics.

There is something to be said about a cosmetic that makes their ingredients list easy to find, and Shany doesn’t just display it, but they do so prominently. Not only that, but Shany Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation is marketed as talc, paraben, and oil-free so you can check those off right away. However, because it does have SPF it does have iron oxide and titanium dioxide if you are sensitive to those ingredients, but those are only deal breakers for a spare few of women with specific sensitivities. Otherwise it is free of all other common sensitivity triggers, allowing it to be marketed honestly as hypoallergenic.

The foundation itself is nice and creamy, going on smooth the first time and often doesn’t need multiple coats. It is infused with vitamins A, E, and C so that it actually enriches your skin and while it doesn’t market itself as an oil-absorbing foundation, I’ve found that it does actually do a nice job of absorbing it.

One of the best features of the Shany Perfect Canvas foundation is that it comes with its own matte finish concealer, something that other brands completely leave up to you. This finisher makes your skin look absolutely flawless and after using the foundation with and without the finish, it actually makes it last much longer.

So what is the downside of this product? There has to be one, right? Don’t worry, there is. However, it’s the pump. The distribution pump is absolutely horrible. It makes the foundation come out messy, as it instead of a neat squirt, it spurts everywhere. However, if the pump is the worse part of your product, that’s still pretty good. If that might be a deal breaker, the messy pump can be rectified by wrapping your hand around it to prevent any clean up. It’s not a huge deal.

One other tidbit is the weird skin tone matching system they have. I still am not completely sure what “MC” means, but I had to go by looks and recommendations to get the tone I needed.