Safety Tips for Women Who Travel Alone

In this day and age, women almost have equal footing with men. They can now pursue whatever profession they like, and they can achieve things as much as men can. Hence, some of them are independent enough to do things alone, like travel. 

A lot of women feel that traveling alone gives them a sense of clarity, a good escape from the hustle and bustle of living. While this is a truly effective way to get to know themselves a little better, some precautions should be taken as they are women with limits. So they should know how to fend and protect their own at all times. 

If you are a woman who loves exploring the world alone, here are some things that will help you get a smoother travel. These are small things that you can bank on to keep you safe at all times. Keeping these guidelines in mind will definitely get you a safer travel.

Tips to Keep You Safe When Traveling Alone

While the thought of traveling alone and seeing different sights of the world to yourself can get you excited, it is important to still be practical. Venturing on a different territory needs a lot of common sense and caution. Here are some pointers that you can live by. 

Learn About Your Destination

You may be traveling to a seemingly safe place, but believe me, danger and accidents can happen in the most unexpected time. It is important to know the basics, read up on issues that count as harassment as this is a common issue that women face when traveling alone. Read about the place’s basic etiquette and local customs. 

Learn about the safest routes to take along with the instructions on how to take public transportation. Gather information on travelers who ventured before you so you can take note of the places and neighborhoods that are a bit sketchy and not safe to visit. Along with this should be a research on contact numbers to call in case of emergencies. 

Keep Your Lines Open

Since you are to travel to a different location, read on ways on how you can keep your lines open there. It is good to get a phone that can function in all the areas there, so read up on possible roaming costs and phone rentals. With this, you can be reached and you can reach out to people in case of emergencies. 

This can also come in handy as you can access features on the internet. You can use Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other messaging applications while online. This can also get you access on maps along with GPS features to get you an overview of the places you are in. 

Invest on Good Storage for Your Belongings

Since you are to travel alone, it is important to get a backpack that you can carry with you. Make sure that all your important belongings are with you at all times. This includes your credit cards, money, passport, hotel keys and other personal things you need for traveling. Or if you want to keep your bag and other important things safe, you can also use luggage storage services. It will also help you skip the hassle of carrying your belongings everywhere. If you are traveling somewhere in Spain, luggage storage barcelona is a great option which is both professional and trusted by tourists.

These days, backpacks come in lightweight builds and they usually have anti-theft features. Secret pockets, money pouches and other compartments are available for you to use. This is made with a design that makes it hard for pickpockets to access and open it without you noticing. This is definitely a good investment for women travelers. 

Update Close Friends of Your Itinerary

Since you are to travel alone, it is important to keep a few friends and family updated of your itinerary. You can also tell the hotel concierge and innkeeper about the places you plan to visit. This is important especially if you are to travel in the wilderness, parklands or places that do not have a lot of traffic. This can help them track you in case you get lost for some reasons.

Keep Your Lodging Safe

After researching on the place where you are to stay, make sure to ensure your safety when you get there. Check on the locks and see if they are working properly. Get a room that has an extra lock that can only be opened from the inside. 

Stay away from rooms that may provide access for break-ins. Check that the windows have locks that are working. And go for a room that allows you to keep a line open in case you need to call someone in case of emergencies. 

Keep Your Guards Up

It is definitely good to talk to some locals for a better feel of immersion and their culture. However, it is important to keep your guards up as you cannot trust everyone completely. Save some space and be cautious of your surroundings. 

In case of trips where you are to take in alcohol or any substance that can alter your senses and functioning, make sure to keep it in moderation and do it somewhere safe. Keep an eye on your belongings and make sure your phone or line is accessible and working at all times. 

Be Fit

When traveling, keep a kit of medical supplies and first aid kits in case you get injured or you get sick along the way. Keep medications that you have to take with you in a place that you can access easily. Take water just in case the place does not have safe drinking water for you. Keep hand sanitizers and insect repellants to make sure you do not get virus and bacteria along the way. 


Traveling alone can be a fulfilling experience for women. This can be an excellent way to learn, explore and immerse you in places that can leave you lessons and memories worth cherishing. But along with traveling should be precautionary measures to keep you safe at all times. When all of the guidelines are put into practice, you can be assured of a smoother and better trip.