Romantic in Red: 5 red bridesmaid dresses for your big day

When talking about wedding colours, most people’s minds wander to the white, pink and champagne tones. While it’s undeniable that these colours add a traditional charm to the big day, a deep shade of red can bring a distinctly unique tone to your bridesmaid dresses. Need some inspiration? Here are some of Chi Chi London’s favourite red bridesmaid dress ideas for your bride tribe.

Pleated midi dresses

Red pleated bridesmaid midi dresses are a great way to balance that traditional wedding look with a distinctive contemporary charm. Due to this balance, a deep, berry hue is the perfect choice for your bride tribe. That timeless feel will match up wonderfully with your overall wedding theme, especially if you’re planning a spring or summer wedding. A darker hue keeps all the eye-popping beauty of red, without going too overboard. Also – a deep shade of red paired up with pleated designs will still look chic in photos when you’re looking back years later.

Red lace dresses

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your bridesmaids, a gorgeous rose red bridesmaid dress with lace designs is a safe yet chic choice. The tradition behind red and lace balance perfectly, and matched with some modern eccentricities your bridesmaid dresses could be showstoppers. We suggest going for a high neckline cut and bodycon fit to add another layer of sophistication to your wedding looks. In terms of hue, a dark red is great for the autumn season.

Maxi dresses in red

Maxi dresses are a go-to choice for brides looking to add some elegance to their bridal party. When paired up with a chic light red, you’ve got the perfect dresses for a summer wedding outside in the sunshine. If you’re looking for something extra, this gorgeous light red tone will look chic with a floral pattern, suiting the sunny season even more. Alternatively, neutral tones can add a sprinkling of modernity to your overall wedding theme.

Satin red dresses

Beautiful, bold and bright, satin and a red hue are a match made in heaven for bridesmaids. The silky smooth satin texture works wonderfully with either dark or light shades of red. If you’re a traditionalist bride looking to add some elegance to your wedding theme, satin red is the way to go. Paired up with some chic white shoes and cute hair accessories, your bride tribe will look like angels when wearing a gorgeous satin red bridesmaid dress.

Burgundy Bardot dresses

Still unsure about the right shade of red? Your best bet might be a chic burgundy shade. Offering something a little different, burgundy mixes beautifully with neutral colours and can add a splash of colour to your wedding without being over the top. Burgundy also goes well with Bardot dresses and could be the perfect fit for your bridesmaid dresses.

As the colour of passion, there couldn’t be a better fit for a wedding than a gorgeous shade of red. Don’t let it stop at your bridesmaids either – mixing red with elegant neutral colours will add another dimension to your wedding theme. If you’re desperate for a vibrant and authentic colour for your bridesmaid dresses, you can’t go wrong with red.