Yes, You Can Eat Pancakes and Keep a Glamorous Figure

Staying young feeling, healthy and looking fit, fabulous and glamorous is a great goal for anyone to have!  We go to the gym to tone our bodies, keep in shape and look great. Add on to that the sacrifice in our diets to keep a healthy physique.  That means often sacrificing some our favorite foods which can be a real bummer. Some of us even go vegetarian and not eat meat. Some of us also cut back the carbs such as pasta and bread and we focus on eating fruits and vegetables.

There’s nothing wrong with prefer eating fruits and vegetables and lessen their intake of rice, pasta, burgers, meat, and others; but, yes you can eat pancakes too and all kinds of other good stuff!  The key is in moderation and you can do it in a healthy fashion. Add onto that a healthy fitness routine and being fit and healthy doesn’t have to equate to misery!

Taking the pancake for example it can be a great option for breakfast a couple times a week.  Certainly, you can load it up with sugar, syrup, butter and more! But today there are so many health options to cook nearly any food.  For pancakes it can be healthy protein focused mixes along with low sugar syrup options.  Also, if we keep our intake to two reasonably sized cakes add on some fruit and you have a breakfast you don’t have to feel guilty about and certainly can enjoy!

Pancakes are just one example and these tips can certainly apply to any thing we love to eat!  Bacon – yes just a bit here or there! Ice cream – have a treat once a week. Buttered garlic bread – maybe with a meal on a weekend night out.   A little planning can go along way for nearly any meal. That includes snacks as well. You can choose from a wide variety of healthy low carb protein bars, fruit and vegetable-based snacks and more.  And yes, once a week have a few delicious M&Ms or other candy that your craving.  

If your someone who is always on the go maybe for work or kids activities or just life in general.  Choosing healthy options can be a challenge. With a little pre-planning you can take your healthy meal on the go with you. There are so many options now for coolers and meal prep containers to organize your meals for when you are out and about.

One key to limiting those cravings is to make sure your diet includes plenty of fiber and water.  That helps to make you feel fuller and limit those cravings. Another key is don’t completely deny yourself.  You don’t to eat like a Victoria’s Secret model in order to have a great healthy and glamorous look! By treating yourself you have something to look forward to as a goal and you don’t become completely miserable in the process.

Having a balanced diet can help us look physically fit and beautiful and feeling glamorous. What we need to do is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water to stay healthy. But we can still eat the foods we want in moderation and with the right options and enjoy our meals as well. So indeed – you can keep a glamorous figure and eat pancakes!