Nadezhda Granovskaya – biography

She was born on April 10, 1982 in the Western Ukrainian village of Zbruchovka in the family of Alexander and Galina Meykher. The name was given in honor of her father’s mother – Nadia’s woman.

As a child, Nadya was sure that she would be a milkmaid, like her grandmother, who often took her granddaughter with her to the farm. I rarely saw my dad and mom – they worked a lot, and when the girl turned four, her parents separated. Mom moved to the regional center Volochisk and took her daughter with her. First, Galina Meykher sent her daughter to the athletics section, then to a music school, to learn to play the violin. But she quickly gave up these classes. Then the future star got into the studio of folk and folklore dances, where she studied for six whole years.

In 1997, after the 9th grade, Nadezhda entered the Khmelnytsky Pedagogical School, the department of musical education. In the evenings, she worked part-time as a dancer in local clubs. After graduating from college, the future singer began to teach dance at the House of Culture.

In 2000, Valery Meladze toured Ukraine, who, together with his brother Konstantin, was looking for girls for a new project. Nadya was at the right time and in the right place – behind the scenes of the Petrovsky Music and Drama Theater, where the singer performed. Nadezhda passed the casting and got into the group “VIA Gra”, the creator of which was the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Kostyuk.

Nadezhda Granovskaya: “I approached Valery myself. He showed me to his choreographer, asked me to bring a portfolio, and soon he called himself and said: “We take it!” True, my surname seemed dissonant to the producers, and then Dima Kostyuk suggested taking a pseudonym. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Idubbbz girlfriend

Nadezhda Meikher, on the advice of the producer of the group, took the pseudonym Granovskaya and began to work in the first line-up of the group – in a duet with Alena Vinnitskaya. At first, Alena was the main voice of the group, but a vocal teacher was hired for Nadia. The producers were not embarrassed that she practically did not know how to sing. She was taken for artistry and appearance.

Soon, Nadezhda met her first spouse, Alexander, with whom she began to live in a civil marriage. In 2002, their son Igor was born. Due to the pregnancy, Granovskaya had to temporarily leave the group. After giving birth, Nadezhda returned to the trio and immediately went on tour. Nadezhda and Alexander broke up friends after four years of relationship.

Nadezhda Granovskaya: “This was my first crazy love, passion, into which I dived, as if into a whirlpool, headlong. When she became pregnant, she, without hesitation, decided to give birth, although somehow there was no question of marriage. She named her son after her father – Igor. My career did not suffer from my maternity leave, but the relationship with the child’s father did not work out. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Tyler1 Girlfriend

The singer starred in the New Year musicals “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” (2002), “Cinderella” (2003), “Sorochinskaya Fair” (2004).

In 2005 Granovskaya left VIA Gra due to aerophobia – fear of flying. At the peak of popularity, her touring schedule was very tight: the group had to make fifteen flights a month.

Nadezhda Granovskaya: “Once, when we were flying to Los Angeles, my friends told me that two Russian planes had crashed the day before … No, then I did not feel fear. It was just that my head ached terribly. Of course, I could not even imagine that this was the first bell of an incipient phobia. After a while, I began to be afraid to fly in panic. ”
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After leaving the stage, Nadezhda devoted a lot of time to her son, enjoyed doing housework, singing, studying English and Spanish, and also lived in England for some time.

Nadezhda Granovskaya: “During the time that I spent outside VIA Gra, I learned a lot: I studied singing, acting, learned foreign languages. I lived for three years the way I wanted, and I realized that there is nothing in life that is dearer than freedom. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “Larry FitzGerald Girlfriend

In 2006-2008, Nadezhda was the host of the program “Incredible love stories” on the Ukrainian channel “STB” under her real name – Meikher, and also took part in the project ” Dancing with the Stars ”(Ukrainian“ Dancing with Zirkami ”) on the Ukrainian channel“ 1 + 1 ”.

In 2009 she returned to the VIA Gra group to the vacant place of Meseda Bagaudinova, but in 2011 she left the group again due to her second pregnancy. In the same year Granovskaya published a collection of poems “Momentary attraction”.

On September 19, 2010, Channel One hosted the premiere of the Ice and Fire ice show, in which the popular singer took part in a pair with Pyotr Chernyshev.

In 2011, Nadezhda became the host of the program “The Incredible Truth About the Stars” (Ukrainian “Neimovirna Pravda Pro Zirok”) on the STB channel.

As part of the group “VIA Gra” Nadezhda Granovskaya recorded albums: “Attempt No. 5” (2001), “Stop! Cut! ” (2003), Biology (2003), Stop! Stop! Stop! ” (2004), and also starred in videos for the songs: “Attempt No. 5”, “Hug Me”, “Bomb”, “I will not be back”, “Good morning, dad”, “Do not leave me, darling!”, ” Kill my girlfriend ”,“ That’s the same thing ”,“ Ocean and three rivers ”,“ Stop! Stop! Stop! ”,“ There is no more attraction ”,“ Biology ”,“ The world I did not know about before you ”,“ There is nothing worse ”,“ Diamonds ”,“ Anti-geisha ”,“ Crazy ”,“ Get out! “,” A Day Without You “.

At one of the presentations, Renata Litvinova introduced Nadezhda to businessman Mikhail Uruzhmtsev. Gradually, they began a relationship, which grew into a civil marriage. On March 23, 2012, the couple had a daughter, Anya.

Nadezhda Granovskaya: “Some feelings had already arisen, but neither I nor he dared to talk about them, they continued to keep a certain distance. Misha was the first to confess his love. You know, I haven’t thought about a new family for a long time, or about the fact that I will have more children. I have already got used to loneliness, and I cannot say that it weighed me down. But next to Misha, I realized that I want a serious relationship with this person and for the first time in eight years I want a child again. ”
The quote is taken from the magazine “María Elvira Murillo

In the same year, Nadezhda participated in the Ukrainian TV program “SHOWMASTGOUON”, where she successfully embodied many star images and took 4th place.

In 2014, Granovskaya took part in the second season of the show “One to One!”, Which is aired on the channel “Russia”.


As part of the VIA Gra group:
▪ Golden Weight Award (2000)
▪ Golden Gramophone Award (2001)
▪ Golden Firebird Award (2001)
▪ Stopud Hit Award (2001, 2003)
▪ Award Soundtrack (2002, 2003)
▪ MTV Russia Music Awards (2004)
▪ Muz-TV Award (2004, 2005, 2010, 2011)

A family

First spouse – Alexander (civil marriage)
Second spouse – Mikhail Urzhumtsev, businessman (civil marriage)
Son – Igor (08/15/2002), from the first marriage
Daughter – Anna (03/23/2012), from the second marriage