Making a Home Look Glamorous Without Breaking the Budget

A lot of people love the look and feel of glamorous and expensive things, but of course, not all can afford it. But the good news is, you can make your own home look more glamorous without spending all your moolah. Here are some guidelines and ideas to keep in mind to fake fanciness and glamour for your home without looking cheap using interior house painters:

1. Your paint choice matters

Paint is cheap, but choosing the right color is one of the most difficult decisions to make when redecorating. If elegance is what you’re after, there are sure colors that can add instant glamour to your home.

One way to look luxe is to stick to a monochromatic color palette. By doing so, things will tend to pop and look more expensive. Painting your interior doors black can also add an expensive feeling.  Professional interior house painters can do the job right.  Just make sure to add some black accessories in the space to keep it grounded to the overall design.

When you’re in doubt and you’re not choosy about colors, use a classic neutral. Colors like gray, beige, greige and white will always look fresh, plus these colors pair well with anything. If you choose neutral and subdued, make sure you limit bold accent colors only to accessories.

If neutrals aren’t your thing, you can choose bold and dramatic colors that scream “elegant.” If you want to go for bold colors, avoid bright and neon hues but choose deep hues with shiny finishes. For instance, you can paint a wall with a deep navy blue paint and contrast it with gold to exude glamorous energy.

If you got extra money, you can opt for lustrous wallpaper. Choose something with a hint of shine and semi-gloss luster so that the light can bounce off. Go for two-tone wallpapers to keep it simple and classy.

Whatever color you choose, make sure you commit to a unified color palette and add affordable pieces that coordinate with your walls. Always keep everything looking intentional, like they are made to be placed there.

2. Light up your rooms

Light up your rooms

One of the best ways to achieve a luxurious glow in your home is to let there be light. Don’t ever block your windows with furniture.

Most contractors will add standard lighting fixtures that most homes use, but choosing pieces that are interesting and expressive can add elegance to your home compared to the a standard lightbulb or chandelier. Think of your lighting fixtures as the jewelry of the room. Lean toward pieces with an interesting design, finish or shape. If your home lacks lighting, you can add more by placing table and floor lamps.

If you don’t want to spend some money for a new lighting fixture, you can use a few tricks to get the high-end look. You can start by scouring flea markets and second-hand stores. Or you can just buff a fixture or paint it with a fresh new color to increase the elegant look.

3. Minimize your furniture and décor

Most glamorous homes have one thing in common: they keep the furniture and décor uncluttered. When you want to make your space look more expensive without spending too much, follow the minimalist approach of “less is more” as you decorate. When a house has too much stuff, the space can easily feel small, overwhelming and cheap.

Instead of filling your space with unnecessary furniture, keep everything functional and with purpose. They scream luxury without having so much things in it. Choose simple versions of each piece you can afford, read more…

4. Add some crown molding

Luxury is all in the details. When it comes to decorating the house to make it look high-end, pay attention to details. Adding crown molding can help you with that, as it easily makes a room look finished. It can instantly transform a plain room to a room that is a little bit expensive and polished.

If you’re handy (or if you have a family member or friend who is one), you can install your own moldings or trim. It will cost you very little money if you do it yourself. You can paint it with white for a clean and polished look, or you can add a pop of color by painting the molding. You can install it to your ceiling beams, baseboards, columns, chair rails and ceiling medallions. But be careful not to overdo it though. Pick only subtle areas in a large room.

5. Add some mirrors

Add some mirrors

Adding mirrors are a great way to make your rooms appear larger, thus looking more glamorous. Pair it with a perfect lighting that can make it look like your space is larger than it actually is. Simply hang your mirror across a lighting source, such as a window or lamp. Make sure the mirror you choose offers that luxe vibe.

Maximize this hack by hanging an assortment of mirrors in different shapes and sizes. This will create an artistic and eclectic glam look for your walls. But if you’re more of a simple person, just put an oversized statement mirror and it will be fine.

6. Freshen up your paint jobs

When painting your walls, make sure anything that needs paint are also refreshed. Revisit the older pieces in your home. Are your kitchen cabinet doors contradict the color scheme in the kitchen? Try repainting it with a cleaner, neutral shade. Do the same with outdated pieces, like tables and furniture that are flaking in paint and looking old. Paint them with easy-to-use chalk paint, in shades of white and gray. These neutral colors can suit almost anything and can look effortlessly luxurious.

7. Add metallic details

Add metallic details

Adding metallic details can add an elegant touch to a space. You don’t need to buy real gold or silver to make it glamorous – you just need to be strategic. There are a lot of options out there that offers gold or silver finish, such as picture frames, mirrors, lamps, metal-legged tables and chairs. Gold is especially helpful, as this color is associated with wealth and riches, and it can instantly create a rich feeling. Don’t overdo it to prevent it from looking tacky.

8. Add flowers and greenery

Adding flowers are an easy and expensive way to add color and glam to your rooms. Add a decorative vase and fill it with flowers to add a feminine and comfortable vibe. Buying fresh flower arrangements can get expensive, so you can try out making your own bouquet.

But if you think having real flowers that needed to be replaced every week is still pricey, go with fake flowers that looks real. This will last for years, as compared to real ones, and it doesn’t attract bugs and insects. When choosing flowers, keep it monochromatic for a luxurious look.

9. Upgrade old hardware

Upgrade old hardware

When you’re working to make your kitchen look more glamorous, you don’t need a total renovation. You can simply change the paint color of your cabinets (as mentioned above) and switch the hardware finishes such as knobs and drawer pulls. This also works especially for sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as your doorknobs for every room. If your faucets and knobs are too old, it’s time to update them with a shiny new one. Go for hardware pieces that are expensive-looking and opt for a unique piece to make it stand out. Remember, it’s all in the details.

10. Coordinate finishes and textures

Don’t be afraid to play with textures. A glamorous looking room is never flat and all smooth. This can be solved by adding different components that look great together. Play with certain stains and finishes, like for instance, you can use a cherry wood table with oak chairs. Add details such as faux fur, fringe or sequins to add visual interest.

If you want to match the floors to the kitchen cabinets, or the faucets to the doorknobs, look for an exact match in finishes – because an almost match can look cheap. You can also create a real contrast, and look for something at least three shades darker or lighter for a more luxe effect.

11. Invest in a good area rug

Area rugs can transform a space, so don’t underestimate the power of this lowly accessory. First of all, it makes any space feel cozy, comfortable and inviting. It can be the finishing touch you’re your room needs to pull the décor altogether. These rugs can help define rooms especially for open floor plan interiors, ground furniture groupings, and add the needed texture and interest.

To achieve these benefits, make sure that your rug is proportional to the space you’re placing it with, because having no rug at all is better than getting a too-small rug, if your goal is to make your space look more expensive. It is recommended that all your furniture sit on the area rug, or at least have the feet of the furniture touch a portion of the rug. For example, the dining room chairs must have three feet of rug behind so that it will still stay on the rug even when a person is sitting on it.

Choosing the right color is very important too, as it must be consistent with the rest of your color scheme.

Area rugs can be a bit pricey, so it would help if you wait for a sale or go to some thrift shops to check if you can grab any steals.

12. Hang your curtains high

A luxurious home always have high ceilings. But if yours aren’t that high, you can fake it by hanging curtains really close to the ceiling. It can create the same effect without needing to literally raise your roof. And while we’re in the subject of curtains, your fabric of choice is crucial. For instance, picking up unlined flimsy materials can look so cheap. For a glamorous vibe, avoid see-through curtains and flimsy materials. Stick with elegant materials like silk, linen and cotton. If draperies don’t suit your interior style, opt for wooden blinds or woven bamboo shades instead of plastic blinds.

13. Add more throw pillows

Add more throw pillows

Pillows aren’t just for comfort and layers. If you choose properly, they can punch up the elegance factor in your room. Large, overstuffed pillows add a plush and fluff appearance that looks elegant and pricey. Go big on pillows – avoid the standard 12-18 inches and go for 22-24 inch ones. Also, you can make an inexpensive throw pillow feel luxurious if you replace the original foam insides with feather inserts.

14. Display statement pieces

Accent your home with good-looking accessories. When in doubt, magazines are your friend. You can also do some research online and you will see a lot of design options. Accessories vary in cost, but always look for a great deal. Stand-out rugs, chandeliers, couches, console tables – all pieces have the ability to make your home look more luxurious.

15. Keep your spaces clean and uncluttered

Keep your spaces clean and uncluttered

Surprisingly, the cheapest way to make your home look glamorous actually costs you nothing. All you need to do is to clean and declutter your home. Regular dusting and vacuuming, as well as keeping windows and surfaces shiny can actually make your house look high-end. Avoid keeping too much stuff and learn the art of letting go. If they’re worn out or if you don’t use it anymore, find a solution in getting rid of it: you may repair it and sell it, give it away or throw it away. One good rule to remember is cleanliness is next to fanciness.