The Top Glamorous North American Travel Destinations

Hoping to experience some of the sights the rich and famous usually get to see? Check out some of the most glamorous places in North America. But even if you don’t care about A-listers, it doesn’t hurt to know where the rich and famous loves to stay and spend their vacation time. Here are some of the top places where the glamorous travel to:

1. Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is the perfect location if you want to immerse yourself in the colorful and intoxicating culture of Mexico. It’s the destination famous for a lively nightlife, world-class golf, beautiful beaches, luxury yachting and year-round celebrity spotting. There are so many luxury resorts here that lures in many Hollywood celebrities and party animals. The location is spectacular, as you can enjoy sights of saguaro-filled desserts that collide with the Pacific Ocean. There are no shortage of great restaurants here, and they specialize on locally-sourced seafood and produce. There is also an extensive choices for cocktails that you might never taste anywhere else. A night in Los Cabos is a night to remember.

2. Palm Beach, USA

Perhaps when you hear Palm Beach, you already picture out its glitzy estates and pristine beaches. This town in South Florida is separated from the mainland by the Lake Worth Lagoon, and is known for its long, sandy Palm Beach Municipal Beach. The place is lined with luxury resorts, high-end boutiques, upscale galleries, 5-star hotels, fine dining restaurants and trendy shops. It’s Florida’s golf capital, so this is where the rich and famous like to play the rich man’s sport. Luxury spas and bars thrive all year round.

3. Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

Giving you a site to remember, Tulum is famous for its dreamy beaches along a rugged coastline, and well-preserved ruins in an ancient Mayan port city. The Mayan ruins are well-preserved, and it was mostly what attracts tourists before. Now, the town has turned into a luxury destination complete with fine dining restaurants, spas, nightclubs and yoga retreats. It has become a stylish community wherein hotels and restaurants that were built are blended with the native Mexican architectural styles. You can admire the large stone structure known as El Castillo resting on a rocky cliff above the white sand beach and turquoise sea.

4. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a Mexican city famous as a spring break destination, but it’s a beautiful escape for anyone looking to vacation in a tropical paradise. It has crystal-clear waters, white sand and incredible hotels that will surely make you feel rich and pampered. The long, beachfront strip offers numerous luxury resorts and night life, plus it has vast amounts of wildlife to see via snorkeling and diving. There is the El Rey Ruins that feature beautiful and mystical ruins that brings you a journey back to the Mayan civilization. Tourists also enjoy visiting the Playa Delfines and Chichen Itza.

5. Miami, USA

Miami, USA

Miami’s beaches are a people-watching paradise where models, pop stars, Hollywood A-listers, rappers, celebrity chefs, yuppies and regular folks unite. It’s a sultry melting pot with no shortage of beautiful bodies sunning themselves in the beautiful sands. Behind the beaches, you can enjoy the bustling city with its high-end shopping, beautiful hotels, fine dining restaurants, party locations and Art Deco hotspots. And in Miami, you’re a nobody if you’re not riding the right wheels. Experience the glitz and glamour by renting from Bling Bling Exotic Car Rental.

6. Goldeneye Resort, Jamaica

A Jamaican home away from home, the Goldeneye Resort is not just an ordinary hotel but a collection of private villas, beach huts and cottages. This was once Ian Fleming’s holiday estate and this is where he wrote his James Bond novels in the 1950s and ‘60s, also while entertaining silver screen and literary icons of the decades. It was positioned strategically in the Caribbean, and it was since bought and expanded by Chris Blackwell, owner and founder of Island Records. It features lush gardens, hidden coves, private beaches and saltwater lagoons, which gives some celebrities privacy from spying eyes of the public.

7. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is also one of Jamaica’s most luxurious spots, where its tropical shores can take you on an adventure of a lifetime. This is a popular spot for many beaches and resorts of all kinds of travelers. It’s also a major cruise ship port with many beaches and golf courses around. There’s also snorkeling and diving opportunities in the waters of Montego Bay Marine Park. In here, you can relax in a Jamaican-style spa, go yachting, or seek solace at a local villa. It’s also known for its fun and active nightlife, where a lot of glamorous people also party.

8. Kauai, USA

Kauai is a beautiful island in Hawaii that attracts a lot of celebrities. This travel destination is private, as a lot of places in the island is remote and there is only one main road. You won’t find fancy shopping here because the place is remote, but it’s the greenest of all the Hawaiian Islands and has the most dramatic landscape, making it a great location of choice for a lot of major Hollywood films. This is the place where the rich and famous love to relax and escape their busy lifestyles. There are a lot of pretty resorts and amenities that can satisfy your luxury lifestyle.

9. Montreal, Canada

The largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal is a glamorous and beautiful destination, packed with European charm, French flair and world-class arts and culture museums. It’s a beautiful city featuring cobblestone streets and leisurely diners. The architecture in the city is wonderfully ornate, so this is the perfect destination for achieving your A-list style Instagram photos. You can stay at the super glamorous hotel The William Gray, which is frequented by celebs and used by magazines for photo shoots.

10. The Hamptons, USA

It was a common belief that if you need to appear in an office on a Monday, you aren’t rich enough to be living in the Hamptons. The Hamptons has long been home to some of the most expensive real estate in America, with mega estates owned by the likes of Steven Spielberg, Ralph Lauren, Billy Joel, Martha Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld. This place on the Eastern Long Island, New York is known as a summer destination for the affluent New Yorkers. It offers long stretches of beach a farmland, towns and villages that has 18th century shingle buildings and estates. You can party in the East Hampton, where celeb spotting and even simple house ogling can be so fun. East Hampton is also home to many prolific bars, high-end restaurants and designer boutiques.