The Top Glamorous African Travel Destinations

Africa may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of glamorous travel and luxury destinations, but it must definitely be considered. Africa offers you stunning landscapes and captivating wildlife that you cannot compare to anywhere else in the world. There are also many countries in Africa that offer luxurious hotels with sophisticated design and amazing amenities, plus unique experiences that you can only get there.

Here are some of the most glamorous places to be when you travel to Africa:

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful port city on the southwest coast in South Africa crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain. Fun fact: Did you know that Cape Town is the first city outside Europe to get a Blue Flag status, which indicates high water quality, safety, cleanliness and fantastic facilities? This city has a lot of impressive sights. The Table Mountain is the most prominent landmark, and it got its name because of its flat top. It’s impressively flat and straight at the top, so many visitors hike their way to the top, and some non-hikers get there through cable car rides. It gives great views of the city and fantastic sunrise and sunset views. The mountain is part of the Table Mountain National Park.

To experience a glamorous stay at Cape Town, book a room or a private villa at the Ellerman House. This luxurious property sits on the slopes of Lion’s Head (alongside Table Mountain) on the beautiful Bantry Bay. The Ellerman House offers majestic waterfront views perfect for travelers who want the ultimate tranquility, luxury and relaxation. With only 13 individually-styled bedrooms and two private luxury villas, it is one of Cape Town’s most exclusive address.

Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Victoria Case Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Africa

Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s a majestic sight to see, where you can experience safari by the river. The Victoria Falls define the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and it has a length of more than one kilometer. Also known as the adventure capital of Africa, there are a lot of things you can do. The site provides the wildest white water rafting trip in the world, 111 meter high bungee jump, kayaking, river surfing, zip wires and more. For those who prefer a more sedate adventure, you can go for river cruises, elephant rides, fishing, gold, enjoying local arts, crafts and cultural experiences.

Near the Victoria Falls lies a glamorous and intimate hotel known as The Elephant Camp, which offer luxurious tents with private decks, lounge areas, plunge pools and picturesque views. Travelers can rest at the luxurious camp after a full day of activities and witness the breath-taking beauty of the Victoria Falls rainforest. Its inclusive accommodation offers meeting local elephants, touring the rural village and riding a helicopter over the falls.

Vumbura Plains, Botswana

For a glamorous wilderness safari adventure, the Vumbura Plains Camp in Botswana is the hotel to stay at. Situated at Okavango Delta (an inland river delta known for its sprawling, grassy plains working as a lush animal habitat), the Vumbura Plains Camp is a well-established, luxury hotel that offers two camps, each with seven suites. All luxury rooms are raised off the ground through wooden platforms and comes with large comfy bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, airy sala, outdoor lounge and a private plunge pool. While you’re at the lounge or sala, you can enjoy views of the passing parade of wildlife while even enjoying a soothing massage. It can also be a great time to unplug from the Internet, since the camp doesn’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

More than the luxurious accommodation, Vumbura Plains Camp offers an all-around African safari experience. There are both land and water activities where you can ride on safari vehicles, mekoro and boats. You can even ride a hot air balloon or ride a helicopter for an exhilarating experience and a better view of the landscape.

Jack’s Camp, Botswana

Fall in love with Botswana at Jack’s Camp. This luxury safari company is an oasis of style and comfort in the middle of Kalahari Desert. It offers a unique experience with real old-world glamour, featuring an authentic, 1940’s style tented safari camp. It’s a place to disconnect, as there is no Wi-Fi or electricity here. You can charge your gear – and of course, your cameras – in the main tent, but outside of that, you’ll get a digital detox while in here. It houses a private museum, shop, library, pool pavilion and a bar specializing in local wine, beer and spirits. Every space is eclectic as it’s filled with all sorts of amazing archeological finds, as the generations of Jack’s family preserved the land to be a museum. The place is seriously secluded, as Jack’s Camp is only one of three camps in a million-acre private game reserve.

There’s a lot of activities to do in this African safari you can interact with incredibly friendly meerkats, take photos with zebras, take part in wildebeest rescue, spot hyenas and cheetahs, observe lions and elephants, and watch a moon rise in the clear desert sky. There are so many animals here so your game drives would be very exciting. You can also hang out with the English-speaking Khoisan tribe and let them take you on a bush walk. It’s a fun opportunity to learn about their culture, like using plants to create their own medicine. Taking a vacation in here can provide you with a unique, transformative experience.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

Full of old-world charms, Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp in Kenya is another luxury safari retreat that you’d love. When it comes to safaris in Kenya, the Cottar family is famous, for those people are known as the “first family” in safari business. Getting to Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is a glam trip on itself. This place can be accessed through Cottar’s private airstrip located ten minutes away from the camp. Two airlines fly here twice a day during low season and thrice during peak season. The camp is near the Maasai community, a local tribe that embodies traditional Kenyan culture. Visiting the local villages and interacting with the tribes can be the highlight of your trip.

You can be sure to experience a relaxing stay in this glamorous, classic African safari. It offers a swimming pool and spa area to keep you pampered. The camp offers two accommodation options: the luxurious Bush Villa and the unique glamping tents within the 1920s themed camp. All tents are situated in a way that everyone can have peace and quiet. All tents also have an en-suite bathroom, and the family tents even have two bedrooms and a shared veranda, dining room and living room with fireplaces. The Bush Villa is like a private, luxury home away from home that offers an impressive service, breathtaking view over the savannah and a privately guided game drives, bush walks, fishing and swimming. The villa is very spacious – featuring a large living room, dining area, living room with fireplaces, a viewing deck and 5 bedrooms.

Mowani, Namibia

With its vast open deserts, Namibia offers a mystical feel that’s different from any place. Its dunes are so outstanding. On the beautiful Damaraland lies the Mowani Mountain Camp, an upscale eco-lodge sculpted atop a rocky outcrop, offering rustic-chic thatched huts and soaring views of the Abu Haub valley. The camo’s design features a seamless union between the camp and the natural environment, wherein each hotel villa or room is hidden between boulders, so each gets a different view if the land. The name “Mowani” itself takes its name for the Swahili for “window on heaven.” The food here is superb too, especially the three course dinner that’s very indulgent and made by Mowani’s team of trained chefs.

Activities on the site include hiking, safaris, swimming, birdwatching, private guided tours and exploring the traditional culture of the Twyfelfontein, where you can see bushmen’s rock engravings and paintings. The area is home to desert elephants, oryx, cheetahs, leopards, springboks and udus.

Baraza Resort and Spa, Tanzania

On the beautiful Bwejuu beach in the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, lies the exclusive boutique resort and spa of Baraza. Bwejuu beach is one of the most pristine beaches in the world and this resort provides a fitting luxurious experience with its swanky, all-inclusive accommodation. Its design is inspired by Arabic, Swahili and Indian décor. This spacious villa features classic and elegant interiors, each complete with a large terrace with loungers and a private plunge pool. The villas also have a walk-in dressing room and living room.

Guest can enjoy fine dining at its 5-star restaurant that features Arabic, Indian and Asian cuisines; relax at the Frangipani spa; and enjoy cocktails in the Dhahabu Bar and Lounge. There’s beach access, dive center, plus a gym and tennis court. The resort is also close to the Water Club, a water sports center offering fun activities like sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and snorkeling.