Ways to Make your Home More Glamorous

Most people want their home interiors to look and feel expensive. They spend hours looking through magazines, interior design blogs and sites for inspiration, looking for things to adapt to their own home. A touch of glam can make a simple space to a luxurious and enchanting abode, which will reflect your tastes and personality.

The first thing to remember if you want to make your home look and feel glamorous is to keep it clean and organized. Surfaces must always be clutter free, shiny and polished. Besides this, here are some stylish ways to make your home look glam:

1. Add gold accents

There’s something about gold that gives a glamorous feel to a space, especially when it’s paired with something transparent, or something pink, black or white. Gold is a hot trend and it looks priceless and classy. It works well in any room and any style. You can choose to place a coffee table with gold legs, chairs and cabinets with gold detailing, gold frames, gold candle holders – or you can just give your old furniture some glamming up using gold spray paint. Even drawer pulls, old flowerpots or plastic accessory holders can look expensive if you use gold spray paint with it.

Besides these gold accents, you can swap a few elements like area rugs, drapes, linens and pillows with ones that contain hints or accents of gold.

2. Get some accent chairs

Simply adding an accent chair to a corner or space can liven up the overall look of a room. An accent chair is something that doesn’t look like your couch set or share the color of your bed – it gives a statement. It’s just a chair, but it can make any room look much more fabulous. Pick one that complements your color scheme, preferably something bright, so it can add just the right amount of glam.

3. Let your mirrors shine

A mirror can double the visual room space and it can be used to reflect more natural light. Adding natural light to your interiors would make it look brighter and more spacious, which contributes to the glam factor. Your choice of mirror will surely add a touch of class and can make it look more expensive. Choose a large, floor-length mirror and pick one with a luxe looking frame.

If you got a blank wall, you can place the mirror along with other décor elements like artworks to add to the refined aura you are going for. If you don’t have any more wall space to add a huge mirror, go for mirrored furniture. Mirrors can add to the charm of any interior without being too obvious.

4. Place a chic statement rug

A bare wood or tile flooring is great, but accessorizing it with a great rug can inject some texture, warmth and color to the room, which makes it more finished and refined. When thoughtfully chosen, an area rug can anchor your space together and introduce a luxurious look to your interiors. There are different styles of rugs to choose from that can make your home stylish.

5. Invest in an elegant chandelier

Invest in an elegant chandelier

When we talk about a glamorous space, it’s not complete without an elegant, statement-making chandelier. If a glamorous outfit looks incomplete without jewelry, a glamorous home is incomplete without chandeliers. Any room will immediately feel elegant and luxurious, once you pick the right chandelier. Anything with crystals will especially look more glamorous, for they capture light exquisitely. And don’t limit your chandeliers to major spaces only like living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. You’ll be surprised what a mini chandelier can do to transform a hallway or a walk-in closet.

6. Don’t be stingy with lighting

Besides a beautiful chandelier, add more light sources. Light fixtures act like jewelry for the home – what you pick works wonders for the general look of your home. Adding pretty table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces will add to the luxurious effect in your room. If you have a gallery wall or art display in your walls, it’s just fitting to add a special lighting that focuses on that area. That will show just how glam and extra you are. Also, adding candles will add to the lovely look of your home. When picking candle holders, it’s best that you choose something made of metal like gold, brass or chrome; or something sparkly like crystals or glitter.

7. Choose luxurious textiles

Nothing feels as good and as regal as the feel of satin, velvet and silk textiles between your fingers. Adding them to your home through drapes and throws will add comfort and undeniable beauty to your room. Expensive-feeling textiles can easily achieve a glam look. Decorate your couches and chairs with these rich fabrics to add high glamour and elegance. On the other hand, cheap drapes and see-through curtains can make your room look cheaper.

8. Puddle your drapes to the floor

Once you got beautiful curtains and drapery, you must hang them properly and beautifully. Sometimes, you may get the right color and fabric material, but it might be too short. It’s like having a perfect pair of pants or dress, but it’s too short. To make your windows look extra elegant, choose long curtains that puddle naturally on the floor for an impressive, dramatic effect. Also, install it very high – around 20” above the frame to make your ceilings look higher. If you’re going for glamourous, curtains must hang from celling to the floor.

9. Layer with sheepskin

Layer with sheepskin

Placing a sheepskin throw over a chair, couch, ottoman, coffee table or furniture is a simple solution that can instantly glam up your home. Sheepskin looks luxurious and expensive, so this easily achieves the luxe effect, especially if you pick white, ivory or taupe colors. This works because it softens a furniture or chair, as well as the overall look of the room.

10. Add large accent pillows and throws

Pillows and throws can easily glam up a space, plus provide softness, comfort and texture to your living room. For an extra glam look, place together some sequin-covered pillowcases for extra sparkle and combine it with faux fur pillows and rugs. But usually, any big accent pillow with the proper color will make your couch look more expensive. Sheepskin or faux fur throws, or those with animal prints add a luxe look.

11. Add crystal and sparkly accents

Crystal décor accents like candle holders, frames, and glass vases look glamorous in themselves, so these are the types of accessories to add to achieve a glam look. You can also pick those that feature some glitter or any sparkly detailing to make your space look more expensive.

12. Display statement art

Nothing screams elegance and high sense of taste like a statement piece of art. You can use an art to pull together any décor scheme. Choose one that looks fabulous or captivating for you. Going for one oversized piece in your living area can instantly accentuate your home interiors, and it can set the tone for the rest of the house. If you’re going to frame it, indulge in gold or gilded frames for a more luxurious look.

13. Display fashion, art and travel prints

If you’re more of a gallery wall type of person rather than an oversized art decorator, you can choose to add glamour and character to your room by adding fashion, art or travel-oriented prints and display them in luxe frames. One easy way to achieve glamour is by displaying portraits of glamorous people you admire, like old Hollywood icons or models wearing high-fashion outfits. You may pick some glamorous photos of you and your loved ones wearing fashionable clothes taken by a professional photographer. Or you can go for artistic prints that capture your personality and blends well with the color scheme of the room. Artsy photos featuring beautiful travel destinations also add that glam feel to the room.

14. Decorate with flowers

Decorate with flowers

Adding florals and blooms can instantly add pops of color and a sense of charm and elegance to a room. Real, fresh flowers are always the preferable option, but faux flowers that look so close to the real thing can work fine as well. Going for pops or pink, white or red can easily add a glam effect.

15. Add coffee table fashion books or fashion magazines

Besides letting your guests marvel at your beautiful interiors, you can give them something to look at when they visit your home. Fashion coffee table books or fashion magazines placed on your side table, coffee table or shelves will surely add a chic look to your space. But more than that, it gives your guests something pretty to read and look at while you prepare margaritas in the kitchen. This will reflect your personality as a glamorous woman.