Tips for Adding Glamour to Your Kitchen

Gone are the days when kitchens used to be placed at a hidden part of the house, far removed from the family living areas and was only considered as a practical room with the sole purpose of preparing food. Now, kitchens are often social spaces where guests are served and entertained. A lot of homes don’t even need to use the dining room often, because of having a spacious kitchen with kitchen islands and ample seating.

Because of this, having a sophisticated, glamorous and well-designed kitchen is one way to impress guests and create a lavish space that will make any homeowner feel satisfied with their home. If you’re a glamorous woman, it’s only fitting for you to have a glamorous kitchen. Here are some tips to give your kitchen a luxurious lift:

1. Treat it like you would treat your living room

Glamorous Kitchen
As mentioned earlier, the kitchen is becoming one of the major hang-out spaces in a home, so treat it like a second living room. Make a charming and personal atmosphere like adding plants, artwork, sculptures, ornate vases, chandeliers, and table lamps. Bring personality by choosing an artistic backsplash and unique bar stools. Add soft lighting to offer a relaxed feel. Hang a chandelier that will give the sense of glamour and luxury that you often find in lounges like the living room.

2. Pick glam materials and furniture

When designing a glamorous interior, choose items and materials that favor decoration over functionality. Seating must not be utilitarian – go for chairs and stools that bring comfort and style. Choose furniture with plush fabric upholstery, like posh stools for your kitchen island upholstered with velvet. If you have the space, you can add a fancy couch as well with soft cushions as well. If velvet is not for you, go for fabrics with stitch detailing, quilted patterns, gold or silver accents, buttons, or other decorative studs. If you are thinking to renovate your space, click here to get more valuable information on the kitchen island and layout. Also, you can opt for marble and granite countertops for a truly glamorous choice. Just keep in mind that certain materials like delicate fabrics and marble are better suited for a mature family, as the likes of these are susceptible to stains and more difficult to clean.

3. Embrace metallic elements

Metallic elements give the glam factor to the kitchen as they bring a sophisticated and affluent look. Pick appliances with a sleek metallic finish, lighting fixtures made of brass or pots and pans in copper. Incorporate metals also with your cupboard handles, faucets, lighting, backsplash, and even your furniture hardware. Replace the classic chrome and brushed steel for brass, gold or silver finishes, or try to mix and match them up to create contrast.

4. Adopt a sophisticated color scheme

Sophisticated colors like deep and rich hues work well to bring an intimate feel, which is important in achieving a glamorous space. Deep jewel tones and metallic hints add a luxurious feel. Purples, spicy reds, deep blues, and emerald greens also pair nicely with gold and brass items. Any monochrome palette with metallic shades of gray work well with any silver accents you would like to add. You may add a statement wallpaper to set the tone of the rest of the kitchen. However, do not overdo the use of deep hues as these may lead to your kitchen appearing darker and smaller.

5. Upgrade your lighting

Glamorous Lighting

If your lighting is dim, or standard-looking and boring, change it! Chandeliers and pendants are the perfect accessories to glam up your kitchen. Chandeliers were often associated with formal living rooms and other social areas, but now they are available in many different styles that don’t have to be too formal. They easily bring a sense of luxury to the space. For a more toned-down look, oversized pendant light or shade works really well. The trend nowadays for glamorous and expensive-looking lighting is to go for a pendant or shade with a dark tone, with a copper or gold inside. This reflects warmer light and adds a touch of metallics for a luxe look. For a kitchen-diner, add LED lights and dim switches to bring a cool and sociable vibe to the kitchen.

6. Consider high-tech cooking

Glamorous Cooking

A smart induction cooktop is a glam way to cook because it heats up in an instant without heating the air around your kitchen. In the long run, it also saves you more money and time than a gas hob will. Pair the high-tech look with pastel accessories for a fresh and light feel.

7. Update hardware

A simple glamour upgrade for your kitchen would be replacing the faucet and updating the hardware. Go for a shiny faucet and switch up your old cabinet knobs with something more modern and decorative. Glass or glossy metallic hardware adds a dose of glam that can change the look of your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

8. Update your organizers

A glamorous kitchen is an organized kitchen, so you need to step up and update your organizing materials. Add more storage with wire shelves, sliding shelves, and under-the-cabinet baskets, making you feel more in control of your kitchen. If your household doesn’t use a dishwasher, it makes a big difference to use a nice-looking and reliable dish rack. A good dish rack, preferably made of heavy-duty stainless steel, looks pretty sitting on the counter next to the sink.