How to Make a Small House Look Glamorous

Small homes are very comfortable and charming – as long as it’s maintained, decorated and furnished right. A small space doesn’t automatically exude glamour, but you can make it look and feel glamorous through your decorating choices. You may not have a mansion, but you can do a few tricks to make your home look bigger and more luxurious. Its important as well you consider maintenance and have good tools such as an air compressor which you can check out at Home N Tools. And you can click the following link if you need the best quality wax melts uk.

When, you can paint your ceiling with a bright, accent color so it can drive the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Here are some helpful tips on how to add some glamour and luxury:

1. Pick neutral colors

Pick neutral colors

Sadly, you don’t have the luxury to afford bringing all the colors of the rainbow inside your home if you have a small space. Well, you can if you want to, but your space can easily look cheap and visually cluttered. It’s best to use bright, neutral colors like white, beige and gray, as they give the illusion of a bigger and more organized space. The best thing to do when choosing a color scheme is to keep it minimal. Then, you can paint your ceiling with a bright, accent color so it can drive the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a higher ceiling.

2. Keep it clean and uncluttered

Almost every home has little spots of clutter – a pile of papers over here, a moving box over there. You may barely notice it because you’re so used to seeing them, but once you take a picture of your house, you’ll easily identify the tacky part of the room. Clear it, remove it and make your house clean. If you don’t use it for more than a year, you can choose to keep it in the storage or garage (if you have space for that), sell it, give it away or throw it out. Check out interior design magazines and look what pictures all have in common – a clean and fuss-free space. A house with too much stuff in it doesn’t look glamorous at all. It must look breathable, relaxing and clean, so your furnishings and accessories can truly shine.

3. Include mirrors

Mirrors are a key element to any home, because how would you see if your outfit is fine if you have no mirror? However, mirrors are much more essential in a small house because it reflects your space, allowing it to expand your room visually and make it look bigger than it really is. You can place a large one in your living room and bedroom, or feature a wall filled with mirrors. You can buy sunburst mirrors or those with gold or brass frames to instantly glam make your house look luxurious. Place them on the wall like you would display frames in a gallery wall. If you want to get artsy, you can buy different-sized antique frames from a flea market, paint them matte white and/or gold, then put mirrors inside them. Hang these in different spots in a wall to instantly glam up a room.

4. Keep natural light coming in

If you have a small home, make sure you have large windows that allows lots of natural light to come in. This opens up the space and adds an effortless, modern look at the same time. A dark interior will feel cramped, and you want to avoid this if you want to make your space look expensive.

5. Use raised furniture

Making a small space look expensive and making an illusion of a larger space goes hand in hand. When you pick your furniture, opt for sofas, couches and armchairs that are raised on legs, which adds a sense of light and space. Opt for a coffee table that has slender and metallic legs and a glass tabletop for a glam look.

6. Add brass and gold details

Add brass and gold details

Think luxurious, think warm metals. To make a space look glam, you need to add a shimmer and sparkle with metals like brass and gold. Silver and chrome are fine, but they scream “modern” much more than “glamour.” Place a couple of small brass and gold objects as décor such vases, candle holders and frames. You can incorporate these metals also by using the legs of your furniture, lighting fixtures and other detailing in your home. But be careful not to overdo it – less is more and make them pop! It can surely add a layer of luxe into your small home.

7. Decorate with some artwork

Art is a go-to accessory for giving a space a more luxurious touch. People are intimidated by it because it can be expensive. You may think a small house doesn’t need to have it, but it can make your room look more high-class. Just make sure you have space for everything else, and don’t put them in cramped walls. If you can afford to, buy original art, but you can also display some that came from your friends or have something bought from thrift stores. You can freshen vintage art by framing it in a new, shiny frame.

8. Place a huge, floor to ceiling bookshelf

Your space may be small, but it doesn’t mean you must always go for small furniture. When it comes to bookshelves (given that you’re a bookworm or a book collector), those that reach the ceiling looks better. This way, you can expand the way your ceiling looks and at the same time, you are provided with great amount of storage.

9. Place a marble furniture

Place a marble furniture

Marble gives off a high-end look (and of course, real marble comes in a high-end price), so you can use it to make your interior feel more luxurious. Having an all-marble kitchen countertop would be great. But if you don’t need to renovate your kitchen just yet, you can use marble on smaller pieces and home accessories. You can use a faux marble table or a marble table finish that looks like the real thing for dining or home office. You can also add a table lamp or vase with a marble vase that adds a posh touch.

10. Display flowers

Display flowers

If you look closely at every interior featured in a magazine or house tour shoots – they all share something in common: fresh flowers displayed on a vase. A touch of the natural adds liveliness, pop of color, texture to a room, making it look extra. This also helps soften the sharp lines present in most modern spaces, and adds a dose of boutique hotel hospitality. Place them in tight arrangements in a small vase or a decorative glass.

11. Treat your windows properly

A small and low-budget space can benefit greatly with a tailored window covering. Don’t get stingy when it comes to drapes, drapery panels or blinds if you want to achieve a glam look. Be willing to splurge on it so the fabric you get is properly hemmed, adequately lined and can be perfectly attached to drapery rods and hooks.

12. Space it out

Shoving all your furniture against the wall doesn’t guarantee a larger space. Try floating the sofa in your living room using a skinny console behind it, pulling your furniture away from the wall or angle your bed instead pushing it towards the wall. Giving a breathing room around your furniture creates the appearance of more space. Another trick to employ is moving your furniture slightly farther away from each other. Even just a few inches of breathing space can make a big difference, giving your space a lighter and airier feel. If you have too much furniture and this won’t feel possible, you might have a little too much space. Try removing one or two items and move them to another room or put them in storage. You can rotate them back in and take another thing out once you want to redecorate.

13. Add sheepskin or fur details

The small things count in a glamorous interior. Make sure you add just the right dose of sheepskin and fur through the use of pillow cases, area rugs, throws and blankets. These fluffy things scream “I’m expensive” without trying too hard. If you don’t love the price, you can always go faux anyway – they still look like the real thing, and most of your guests probably won’t know the difference.