Style Tips for the Glamorous Mom

For some, being a mom can be the furthest thing from being glamorous. Finding time to look glam is a challenge when you have kids to take care of, a home to manage, and a job to go to. Sometimes, there’s not even a time left to shower. But because staying beautiful and looking good makes you feel better on the inside, here are some style and beauty tips for being a glam mom.

1. Embrace your figure and dress accordingly.

Let’s be realistic here – not every mom pops back into their pre-mom shape after childbirth, so don’t try to squeeze yourself into your old clothes if they are too small. Also, don’t keep wearing your maternity clothes if they are too big now. Embrace the figure you have right now and enjoy this season of your life by loving yourself. Treat yourself with new clothes fit your size now. Assess your body shape and dress accordingly. Find your best assets (it can be your bust, shoulders, waist, hips, legs or ankles) and try to flaunt them. Wearing the right sizes and embracing your best features will make you feel more confident about yourself. Confidence is the key to being glamorous.

2. Invest in quality, versatile pieces

Since you’ve got less shopping time for yourself now because you’ve got kids, it would be wise to invest in quality, durable pieces that can last you for a longer time, but make sure that it would also be versatile. Think about how many different occasions and places you can wear it for. For example, you can get a simple black dress that can be dressed up or down according to what you’re wearing it for, like for work, playgroup sessions, parent-teacher conferences, and dinner out with family. You can make different outfits out of it by just changing up accessories and shoes.

3. Wear denim jeans

Wear denim jeans

Jeans are a casual staple, but most moms are wearing yoga pants instead of it. Yes, yoga pants are comfy and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it would help you to look more put-together if you wear denim jeans. When you’re headed out to run errands, go grocery shopping or meet a friend, jeans is your friend for making you look more glamorous than you usually feel. It can be paired with a cute sweater, a flowy top, a pair of heels or boots, a scarf or a statement necklace, and suddenly you’d look better. Wearing dark denim is better, as it can be slimming and easier to dress up.

4. Embrace patterned and colored pieces of clothing

Kids can be messy and sticky, so whenever you’re about to have a busy time ahead with your precious little ones, try to wear patterned clothing. These hide creases in clothing, as well as stains (in case your kid decides to wipe the messy ice cream in his face to your blouse). Choose floral, geometric and striped patterned shirts, pants, skirts, and shorts – not only do they conceal accidents better than plain colored pieces – but they also make you look more stylish. Avoid whites or lighter colored outfits and save them for child-free or less busy events.

5. Simplify your makeup

As a mom, getting ready in the morning requires a less time-consuming ritual. Eliminate steps wherever possible without compromising your look. Buy products that do double-duty, so there would be less picking up and storing away of makeup products. Go for a lip-and-cheek stain that can be easily smeared on the lips and face. Use color pencils that can add color to your eyes and cheeks. Put on a cream-to-powder foundation. Get a tinted moisturizer to add color to your face while moisturizing it and protecting it from the sun. This kind of makeup products will help you get ready in lesser time.

6. Invest in time-saving beauty services and longer-lasting treatments

Because of your busy mom schedule, you may not have the luxury of time to go to your regular salon appointments. Save time and money by switching to low-maintenance haircuts and switching to longer-lasting treatments. Instead of getting a hull highlight for your hair, try a balayage treatment for a stunning hair color without the laborious maintenance. Instead of trying to put on eyebrow pencil and mascara every morning before work, try eyebrow embroidery (or eyebrow tattoos) and get eyelash extensions. Instead of going for weekly manicure, pedicure and monthly waxing keep your nails bare (so you don’t have to worry about chipping), and give it a high-shine gloss with a nail buffing chamois, invest in an effective lady shaver and keep those legs silky. Beauty tricks like these help you look your best longer.  

7. Hide traces of sleep deprivation in your eyes

Hide traces of sleep deprivation in your eyes

Don’t let them see how stressed and sleep-deprived you really are. Keep yourself looking wide awake by hiding dark circles under your eyes by smoothing on aluminizing serum, and then sweeping matte bronzer on the lightest part of the puffiness. If you have no time to prepare before leaving the house, simply swipe aluminizing serum and throw on some big sunglasses to hide puffy eyes while looking glamorous.

8. Embrace the messy hairdo

Great thing is, the messy hairdo is on-trend, so moms don’t need to straighten up their hair every time before they walk out from the door. Simply pull your hair back into a messy bun and then throw a pretty cute hairpin below it. This also keeps your hair from your baby’s grabby hands! Also, you don’t need to wash your hair every day to keep its shine and luster. Dry shampoo is your go-to hair product for prettier hair and less time in the shower.