Learn How to Wear Earrings for Pierced Ears When Your Ears Aren’t Pierced

If you don’t have pierced ears, perhaps you grew up not having to wear a pair of earrings. But when you finally wanted to wear them but you’re unwilling to have piercings, know that there are options for you. There are clip-on and magnetic earrings, but it isn’t always widely available from your local stores and jewelry shops. Plus, there are a lot of designs, styles, colors, and material to choose from pierced earrings.

Luckily, there are earring converters so you can wear any pierced earrings you like – without needing to undergo ear piercing! The type of converter you choose will depend on the type of earring you want to wear, and whether you want to preserve the original earring. Here’s how to convert pierced earrings using earring converters.

For earrings with a post

Many pretty earrings for pierced ears feature a simple post backing. You can purchase earring converters specifically designed for post and stud earrings. Look for an earring converter with a small tube or barrel at the back so it won’t be loose, but make sure the post of the earrings fit.

Simply insert the post of the earring into the barrel and bend the post at about 90° to bring the earrings into a more natural position. If the posts are a bit thick, bend them with pliers to insert them into the barrel. Once you bend the post, you can’t use the pierced earrings anymore.

Earring Converters

This is one set of silver earring converter for post and stud earrings.

If you do not want to bend the post so the earring can still be used as a pierced earring, choose a no-bend converter. Just place the post in the in the barrel and put the earrings on as usual. But unlike when it’s used for pierced ears, the stud earrings you insert will sit below your earlobe. It looks better for drop and dangle earrings with posts.

Here’s a clip-on earring converter in twelve pairs, six gold and six silver ones, perfect for any kind of earrings:

For dangling earrings

Long earrings are lovely, but it’s hard to find ones in clip-ons. You can easily modify dangling earrings by buying some fish hook converters. These earring converters have a small loop in the front that will be used to attach the earring.

Use needle-nose pliers to gently open the loop where the earring base and the dangle part of the earrings are connected. Remove the dangling part or the charm from the rest of the earrings.

Then, using the pliers, gently open the loop in the earring converter you purchased. Then, thread the open ring from the earring through the loop of the clip-on earring base. Use pliers to close the loop. Repeat this with the other earring.

This clip-on earring converter has easy-open loops for easy converting, plus it has a large comfort pad to protect your earlobes.


Converting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings is easy and here are tips to make it even easier for you:

  • Always work on a flat surface. Choose one with slightly raised edges, like for instance, a foldable table, a serving tray or a large plate, so as not to lose small pieces and to keep them from falling on the floor.
  • Always use the right tool for the job, especially if you’re planning to do several earring conversions. Purchase some inexpensive jewelry tool kit with different types of pliers perfect for small items like earrings.
  • Try clip-on cushions if you’re experiencing pressure on your earlobes. These cushions can be slid over to the clops to create some extra padding for the ears. Here’s one:

So, even if you don’t have piercings, you can still add a touch of glamour to your ears by using clip-on converters. The best part is that you can have a more unique piece of jewelry because you modified it yourself!