Is Il Makiage Foundation Worth the Hype?

Let’s be honest, by now, most of us have heard about the Il Makiage “Woke Up Like This” foundation. Due in part to its bold, present social media campaign covering all platforms and in part to numerous reviews by every beauty guru out there, it’s safe to say that you at least have some knowledge of the new foundation.

But when so much hype surrounds one product, some of us grow skeptical. Is any foundation really so magical that every person who has used it loves everything about it? Are there really no drawbacks to the formula? Seriously, there must be something negative about it, right?

Let’s take an honest look at the il makiage foundation reviews and determine once and for all: is Il Makiage Foundation is actually worth all of the hype it’s getting.


A foundation is only as good as its coverage. But that’s sort of a relative quality.

Some of us only want some light coverage, where others may want heavy-duty, full coverage.

What many of us find as a happy middle-ground is a lighter but buildable coverage. And that’s exactly what Il Makiage has to offer.

With one layer, you can get a light coverage that evens out the overall skin tone. By applying more layers, you get that coverage of any blemishes or dark spots you may be concerned about.


The finish of a foundation is also a matter of preference. Some want a dewy, moisturized look. But some of us want that smooth, matte finish.

Il Makiage offers a matte finish, perfect for counteracting shine and providing a smooth look.


An issue among many foundations is that they just sit on top of the skin and are difficult to smooth out over your skin. They collect in the dryer parts of your skin but seem to move around oily parts of your face.

Il Makiage, luckily, is considered by most reviewers to be very blendable. It melts into the skin and blends out, offering a flawless finish without any streaks or unevenness.

Skin Tone Range

For a long time now, beauty products have offered an embarrassingly small range of skin tones. Many foundations offered ten different options for paler skin tones while offering only one or two for darker skin tones. Obviously, this is problematic and creates an extra obstacle for individuals with darker skin to find a product that matches their skin tone.

Il Makiage has changed the game when it comes to shades offered in its foundation. They offer 50 different shades ranging from light to deep, evenly dispersed among light and dark skin tones. This makes it accessible to a wider audience, which is a benefit that the product offers over most other foundations on the market.

Lasting Power

When you put on your foundation at the start of the day, you want that to be pretty much the only time you need to apply it, right?

Some foundations have a terrible habit of fading away or even becoming oddly blotchy and uneven by the end of the day as they migrate around your skin.

Il Makiage has proven long-lasting wear even on hot, sweaty days. This means you’re covered evenly for whatever the day calls for after just one application. Pretty awesome, right?

So, Is It Worth the Hype?

When we look at everything this foundation has going on from a wide range of shades, buildable and blendable cover, and all-day wear without smudging or streaking, the answer becomes pretty clear.

The Il Makiage Woke Up Like This foundation is definitely worth all of the hype it gets.