How to Use Yoni Pearls: All You Need to Know

A great number of people wonder what yoni pearls are, how they are used, and whether their usage is advised by medical professionals.

This article is going to explore the quandary of yoni pearls while contemplating whether they should be used or not.

Let’s get right into it!

Yoni Pearls: What are they?

If you have been wondering what yoni pearls are, look no further. These pearls are attributed to possess detoxing and cleansing properties that prevent the development of infections in the vaginal region.

Yoni pearls are balls made of a type of mesh cloth that contain herbs. The term ‘pearls’ derives from their singular white and rounded appearance.

Why are Yoni Pearls used?

Some people are convinced that by inserting yoni pearls into your vagina for up to 24 hours that they will cleanse your vaginal region. It is believed that such a cleanse is necessary in order to clear the vagina of toxins that might have accumulated within this part of the female body due to wearing menstrual pads or having several sexual partners.

Thus, yoni pearls are considered to be an effective solution to prevent yeast and bacterial infections to emerge within the vaginal canal, as well as lowering the chance of cysts, fibroids, and BV (bacterial vaginosis), among other things.

Using Yoni Pearls

To ensure that you use your yoni pearls effectively, be mindful of the information provided below before embarking on your yoni pearl cleansing journey.

Keep it External: Yoni pearls should under no circumstances be eaten, as they are meant for external usage only.

Get an Applicator: It is recommended that you get the appropriate tool that can aid in the process of inserting and removing a yoni pearl. This tool makes the application process not only much smoother, but also more secure.

Who can use Yoni Pearls?

Yoni pearls can be used by women who have the following conditions:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Inconsistent menstrual flow and/or menstrual pain
  • Gynecological diseases such as cervical erosion, endometritis, inflamed pelvis, etc.
  • Uterine issues such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids
  • Those with unhealthy sexual life
  • People suffering from melisma and dark spots

Yoni pearls offer amazing benefits for a great number of women, however, below is a list of women who should not use them under any circumstances:

  • Virgins (those with intact hymens)
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Those who have an IUD

Things to keep in mind while using Yoni Pearls

In order to allow yoni pearls to develop their full potential, it is vital to adhere to the following precautions.

Avoid use during menstrual cycle: Do not use yoni pearls during your period. Moreover, you should not resume using your yoni pearls until four days have passed after the end of your cycle.

Do not use during sexual intercourse: Make sure to remove the pearls and clean your vagina thoroughly before engaging in sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that you must not insert a yoni pearl at least three hours after having sexual intercourse.

Use on recommendation: It is encouraged that you have a trained physician’s approval before using a yoni pearl.


Yoni pearls can have a positive effect if used correctly. They can help cleanse your vagina and prevent the development of serious medical conditions such as infections.

Even though they provide great benefits, it should be noted that they require careful and responsible usage to unfold their full potential.