How To Trick or To Treat For Halloween

Halloween is a holiday mostly for kids to dress up and visit new houses in the neighborhood asking for candy. Part of the fun is that the design of the costume and the outfit ought to portray a given personality of scary interest.

Often people must decide on what costume to wear before Halloween. Additionally, parties make holidays enjoyable so hosting a Halloween party would be a great and exciting idea and a whole new experience for some.

In this article, we show you how easy it is to put up ideas for an impressive Halloween party. The steps are stress-free. To get started you will only require some fake cobwebs and a bit of effort.

1. Using a skeleton match to light a skeleton head and make the house appear haunted

Use of house décor is an effective and one of the best method to set and spread Halloween spirit in the house ambience.

Simply lay some artificial spiderweb on strategic points in the house, buy wholesale novelties to decorate. Additionally, set the lighting to some purple or orange color to enhance the experience in the house. Extra lighting can be achieved using candles but be sure to replace the contemporary candle holders with more antique designs.

Remove the red roses from the view and replace them with dark roses. Also, play the right playlist to build some soft suspense and keep your guest moving and pulsating.

2. Prepare delightful food and candy

Our most popular recipe for this event has been the banana delights with peanut butter chocolate. It is also the most recent recipe in our IsaDelight list of recipes.


  • One banana
  • Butter (Peanut)
  • Four Chocolates (Milk) (The Flavor should be Peanut Butter) from IsaDelight


Chop the banana to some slices and then add butter (peanut) to achieve taste.

Cool the banana slices in the freezer for one hour.

Meltdown the chocolates and marinate the already frozen banana slices in the thick-liquid chocolate.

Freeze the chocolate-coated banana slices in the freezer once again for two to three hours.

Remove from the freezer and enjoy the peanut butter chocolate banana delights.

Other food options with a ghost-like theme may include:

A black and orange snack of melon cut in cube shapes and raspberries.

Poison apples or black toffee if you want to a reminiscence back to the childhood days.

Use a tray of charcuterie which will enhance the haunted Halloween theme of other house decors

My favorite is serving a tray of veggies with a pumpkin with plenty of sweets. You can also browse through Pinterest to get more ideas and inspiration.

3. Offer a refreshing punch

We recommend adding the Hydrate AMPED™ as it is our most popular product. Many responses appreciate its highly refreshing nature.

Serve the punch from an old scary bowl and you can also use dry ice to ring out the witchy effect. Remember to not use your hands why handling dry ice and also warn the guests not to drink the dry ice.

You can take the party to another level by floating raisings or fake ice cube – eyeballs in the punch.

4. Utilize the space outside of the house as well if the weather permits

Ghost’s stories are best told outside or on the house backyard round a campfire and other ghostly elements.

You can also use black lights instead of the bright white outdoor lights just to add to the aura.

It is important to be mindful of the little kids among our guests and not scare them to nightmares; keep the stories kid-friendly and hold the party during day hours. Also, include fun games for the kids.