How to Style Sheer Fashion

Sheer clothing has been one of the most iconic and popular fashion trends, in vogue for many years. The versatility of the sheer fabric allows the wearer to adapt it to a wide variety of style, places, and events. Sheer clothing is a powerful statement, because you can style it from cute and innocent to glamorous and sexy in a matter of minutes.

Sheer clothing is as perfect for parties and special evenings, as it is for summers and the beach. 

But it is not easy to slip into a sheer dress and walk out of the house, baring your all. People often get tempted to buy sheer fashion and then wonder how to wear it, without revealing too much and being uncomfortable.

Here are a few looks to style sheer fashion in a way that will make you look great, feel good, and rock the trend.

1. Combine sheer and opaque fabric

A see-through blouse or a shirt need not be completely sheer. Some people may be uncomfortable showing skin or their inner garments in a sheer top. You can choose to wear semi-transparent or half opaque clothing pieces instead. Wear tops that are sheer at the neck, shoulders and arms, and opaque below. You could go for a sheer back look if you are attending a social engagement or a party where you want to look dressy.

2. Wear a leotard or a two piece

A leotard or a two-piece set looks good underneath a see-through blouse or a sheer dress. The hint of skin at your midriff will give an edge to the sheer piece. Plus, this will be better than being completely covered (which defeats the purpose of wearing sheer) or completely bare.

A loose, summary sheer top can be paired well with a body-hugging leotard.

3. Use bandeau bras, bralettes, and crop tops

Sheer clothing is a great opportunity to show off your cute bralettes and crop tops instead of wearing plain and simple camisoles. Choose bold colors and printed tops under your see-through blouse for a summer look, or solids for a more elegant yet sexy style.

4. Mini skirt underneath sheer skirts

Sheer skirts are quite a bold piece of clothing and many may not be comfortable showing so much of leg. An easy way to get around this is to wear a tight-fitted, short skirt underneath your sheer skirt so you can step out comfortably.

5. Use shirts and sweaters to cover up

For a casual street look, you can pair sheer dresses with oversized, thigh length shirts or sweaters (if the weather permits), to help you cover up yet show off your legs.

6. Get a lining stitched for dresses

If you find it cumbersome to layer underneath or over your sheer dresses, you can get a lining stitched carefully on the inside of your dress, from a professional tailor. This will make it easy for you to just slip on the dress and go out, without worrying about appropriate lingerie or matching colors.