How to stay sustainable when buying presents for your loved ones

Buying presents for your loved ones is fun.

Is there anything better than being able to shop for items that could improve the lives of your loved ones, or just make them smile?

Now, it’s known that people shop the most during the holiday season, but that doesn’t have to be the rule.

Shopping for gifts all year long is something that should be a normal and common thing.

Expensive Gifts

The biggest downside of excessive gift shipping is what to do with items that are not able to be used over and over again? Or with all of that extra wrapping that people tend to go overboard aiming for that ‘wow-effect? Well, the solution here is to think about suitability.

For example, if your loved one is really into jewelry and loves nothing more but diamonds, or a diamond-like necklace, that can be replaced with pearls on weekends, then you should think about lab diamonds, as they are sustainable, of high-quality, high purity and extremely durable. Have we mentioned that lab diamonds are also cruelty-free and let you look amazing while knowing that you are wearing something that was created and not pulled from the ground?

On top of that lab, diamonds will always make you look expensive while shopping on a budget.

Stay Sustainable

Gift-giving should be fun and without stress. Still, people tend to make a big fuzz about presenting gifts and gift wrapping that they forget what’s the most important thing – getting people what they like.

This is why sustainable gifts are so beneficial – you get to focus on the content, not on the appearance.

You may call them sustainable or eco-friendly gifts, but one is for sure: they should be designed to last.

Here are the best sustainable gift ideas that you can present to your loved ones this year:

  1. High-quality gadgets that will last for years
  2. Reusable water bottles that can be used all year round
  3. Nontoxic toys for toddlers and youngsters
  4. Ethical fashion
  5. Sustainable phone covers
  6. Ethnical pajamas
  7. Hand-made jewelry
  8. DIY card
  9. Ethical lingerie
  10. Sustainable sunglasses

Greener Gifting

Have you ever heard of the term greener gifting? If not, you may guess what does it stands for, right?

Eco life comes with certain conversations that need to be started, and greener gifting is no exception.

Here is how to make greener gifting more real and with a bigger impact:

  • Don’t be afraid to start the conversation
  • Implement small changes and suggest small changes to others as well
  • Buy local
  • Buy less
  • DIY when it comes to gift wrapping
  • Plan
  • Learn as you go and share your passion

Last, But Not Least…

There are many ways to surprise your loved ones while being sustainable. All you have to do is to plan, wrap minimally, and show your loved ones that you care for the world around you.

A small action may inspire others to make smarter choices, as well. When it comes to shopping focus on sustainable moves and make sure that you keep focusing on sustainability.