How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

If you want to get rid of body hair, you can consider getting a laser hair removal procedure. It’s a pain-free and efficient process of removing hair. It also reduces the chances of these hairs growing again. It might be pricey, but it’s worth it. These are some tips to help you prepare for laser hair removal.

  1. Shower first. It’s advisable to go for a shower first before the procedure. After you take a shower, you have to keep your skin dry. Make sure that you don’t use lotions, oils, and creams. Any fragrance shouldn’t be on your skin before the procedure. They might harm your skin because of the laser.
  2. Shave the treatment area.  You must shave the treatment area before the procedure. For legs, it should be no sooner than 24 hours to prevent irritation. Shaving is necessary since the procedure targets the roots of the hair. It becomes more effective once shaved. You might also have to pay more if you request shaving services close to or during the procedure
  3. Avoid sun exposure. You can’t have burnt skin during the treatment. You have to avoid the sun for at least two weeks before the procedure. It also includes UV tanning beds. It’s also advisable to use an SPF 30 sunblock. Whether it’s hot or not, the sunblock is necessary.
  4. Avoid using topical products. Try not to use any topical products close to the treatment. Otherwise, it might cause photosensitivity. Products containing hydroxy acids, retinol, or benzoyl peroxide are harmful. You have to stop using them three days before the treatment. 
  5. Cancel the procedure if you have other skin issues. Make sure that you don’t have other skin related problems if you’re going for the procedure. If you do, you have to inform your doctor about it. There might be side effects because you also have other skin problems. You should stop using topical products too. Try to solve your skin problem before considering laser hair removal.
  6. Avoid other procedures. If you decide to have laser hair removal on a specific area of your body, there should be no other procedure. While laser hair is a non-invasive procedure, others might be. As such, you need sufficient time to recover. If you decided to pursue several treatments at once, it would take longer to recover from them.
  7. Prepare yourself from the pain of doing the procedure. Many people can attest that laser hair removal isn’t painful. However, there might be irritations after the procedure. You have to prepare yourself to go through it. The good thing is that there are medications to help ease the pain. Follow the instructions after the procedure so you won’t face more medical problems. 

Laser hair removal has been around for a long time. It’s a modern technology that keeps improving. Therefore, you can expect quality results. It’s even better if you trust experts. They can do the job well, and you will feel satisfied.