How To Hydrate Dry Hair

Looking after your hair is of utmost importance, but due to our busy schedule or sometimes due to laziness, we sometimes can’t give enough attention to our hair.
There is a common misconception that getting a haircut or dying your hair may be beneficial for our hair, but that is not the case. Getting a haircut or dying your hair won’t come under the category of hair care because, for one dying your hair damages them, so there is no way it can be of any benefit to your hair. Secondly, these two things come under the category of keeping up with the trends.

Remedies for Dry Hair

If you are one of those people who want to look after their dry, dead hair but don’t know what’s the remedy we have the perfect solutions for you:

1) Make Sure You Oil Your Hair
Applying oil on your hair is necessary when you have to hydrate your hair. You can use various oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil; these oils have a higher vitamin E content, which enables them to lock the moisture in your hair and gives them a more silky and smooth look.

How To Apply Oil:

a) You need to make sure the oil is hot so you can pour oil into a cup and microwave it for a minute. Be cautious that the oil is on the warmer side and not boiling
b) Massage the oil into your hair for a few minutes
c) Cover your hair and leave the oil for a minimum of 30-40 minutes
d) Wash your hair to take off the oil.

2) Check Your Shampoo And Conditioner

Applying shampoo is essential to make sure our hair is clean, and conditioner gives it’s the silky tangle free smoothness that we all want. But it is advised that you don’t use every type of shampoo or conditioner you can find. Make it a habit to check the ingredients of the shampoo or conditioner before applying on your hair. Keep an eye out for silicones and sulfates, and if a shampoo or conditioner has any of these two, just put it right back. Instead, go for products that have aloe vera in them.

3) Say no to Hot Water

We know how tempting it is to take a hot bath, especially in winters, but if you don’t want your hair to dry up, you need to fight this temptation and wash your hair with moderate water.

4) Don’t Style Your Hair Too Much

It is common nowadays for women to straighten, curl, or perm their hair. This may help them look and feel more pretty and confident, but the damage this does to your hair unimaginable hence you should avoid styling your and try doing this as little as possible.

5) Brush Your Hair Properly

It is a habit of most people to brush their hair as soon as they get out of the shower. This is not recommended because when our hair is wet, there are more chances that it will break. You should also notice how you are brushing your hair, and it should be done from the bottom first, and then you move to the top.

Don’t Worry Too Much

Haircare is essential, and you should try out different things for damaged hair repair.  But if one thing is working for someone and not for you, it shouldn’t bother you because everyone has different hair texture, which means one thing might work for someone and may not work for the other person.