How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar

There is just something about alcohol; musicians like Alan Jackson and Brad Paisley have sung about it, and both of their songs were nominated for Country Music Awards. It is even mentioned in the Bible as suitable for the stomach; it is no wonder that Jesus was quick to turn water into wine at a wedding.

With so much appreciation for alcoholic drinks, wine has become a staple in nearly every household, with celebrities spending a fortune to install wine cellars in their homes. Jennifer Aniston spent $3.2 million for her 1,600 square-foot wine cellar, while Sofia Vergara forked out $10.6 million for a home that came with a 3,000-square foot wine cellar.

Celebrity or not, you can still have a beautiful customized wine cellar; all you need to know are the right conditions and a step-by-step guide which we have laid down for you below.

What is a Wine Cellar?

A wine cellar is a place where people store their wine in plastic containers, barrels, or bottles. It comes in different varieties, mainly the underground cellar, above ground cellar, and small cellar commonly known as the wine closet.

The main reason for storing wine in cellars is to protect it from being exposed to natural elements that would ruin its flavor and body. Of course, for some wine lovers, it is all about creating enough room to show off their impressive collection of sparkling wine.

Types of Wine Cellars

Active wine cellar

One in which you have to regulate the temperature and humidity

Passive wine cellar

There is no need to regulate the temperature and humidity because it is mostly underground, where the conditions do not fluctuate.

Things That Make Will Make Your Wine Cellar Perfect


Wine storage should be in a dark place because the sun’s rays degrade the wine and cause it to age prematurely. For this reason, you must have noticed that wine usually comes in colored bottles which help to reflect the light. Since you will still need to see your way around, consider installing incandescent bulbs, which will only fade the wine label; fluorescent bulbs emit UV rays.


In an ideal wine cellar, the humidity should be at 70%, but then we are not living in a perfect world. Therefore the best range is 50-80%. If the cork dries out, it shrivels and allows oxygen in which causes oxidation.

Inventory tracking

Keeping an inventory of the wine in your collection ensures that you always know their expiration dates, those that need to be restocked, and optimal drinking windows. Besides, when you want to enjoy a sip from a specific bottle, it will be easier to track it if you have an inventory management system in place.

How to Build the Perfect Wine Cellar Step-by-step

Identify the purpose of your cellar.

If you are looking to have a cellar to store an extensive collection of wine, you will need to build a big cellar. Once you know the size that will best suit your needs, you should budget for one that fits your budget. The more the bottles, the larger the space needed; hence the bigger the cellar and the higher the cost.

Find the perfect location.

The wine cellar should be in the most humid and coolest area of the house; thus, most people choose the basement because it is easy to regulate temperatures and humidity.

Check that there are no leaks.

Water, air, and light are enemies of the wine; therefore, thoroughly check that the room you want to build your wine cellar in does not have any leaks. Applying a concrete sealer will ensure there is no vapor transmission or water seepage while the ceiling should be adequately insulated to regulate the humidity. Insulation is further achieved by wall thickness; an R-19 value is recommended, while for the ceilings, an R-30 is ideal.

Choose the cooling system.

The location of your wine cellar will determine the best method to keep it cool. The most common types are ductless and wall cooling systems.

Choose materials

The materials you choose for the construction should resist the excessive humidity in the cellar. Therefore go for mold-resistant and moisture-resistant materials. The door should be functional and appealing; ensure that it swings into the cellar but doesn’t hit the wine racks.

Get started on wine storage design.

Among the various options for storing wine is a wooden wine rack which you must have informed the designer at the beginning of the project to ensure the walls are correctly proportioned. You can also go for a metallic wine rack or whichever else appeals to you.

Decorating the cellar

Interior design in the wine cellar could significantly improve the overall look; therefore, feel free to browse the net for a few ideas.