How to change houses

Moving into a new apartment is always filled with happiness and eagerness but the initial joy of moving into a new home can turn to a dreaded activity if you need to get rid of junks in your old home. Some even find themselves in extreme situations where they need to get rid of such junks in their new apartment.

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In this article, you will discover a number of hacks that would make your transition easier than you imagined.

1. The use of colour code: There is no way you’d want to move without packing some of your items in boxes but there is an upside to this, it becomes very difficult to find things when you move into your new home.

This is due to a rather obvious reason, most people make use of identical boxes when packing, this is why I suggest the colour code system, use a specific colour for a group of items so you can keep your stuff neatly organized.

2. Get rid of junks and donate: You don’t want to move all that you have in your current apartment to your new home because some of those items won’t fit in while some are useless to you. So it’s important that you sort out belongings before packing and moving to your new home.

3. This is the time to put your towels and other soft items to other uses. You may consider using dish towels to secure knives and other sharp objects, and binding them together with a rubber band.

wrapping glasses, perfume bottles, and other breakable items in socks for padding, and the use of linens and towels to protect fragile and difficult to wrap items like lamps and vases is also a smart move during packing.

4. Your phone would come in handy at this time too, you may take pictures of the contents of each box so you don’t have to fret when is time to unpack and you forgot which item is in which box.

5. Fill holes in your old apartment with soap of whatever colour matches your wall. Rub the soap until the hole is completely filled in, then rub off the excesses away. This saves you from paying your landlord damages.

6. Put together a small bag with the items you will need to survive during your transition and for the first few days of arriving at your new place. This small bag may contain your important documents, and other items.

7. Be well prepared before moving, always have everything ready, at least 24 hours before the scheduled moving time. Last-minute packing can mess up your entire plan, and make you forget the important stuff that you need to pack.


I hope you find this article useful, what other thing do you do while making preparations to change apartments? Leave as a comment.