How Custom Snakeskin Strapback Hats are Made

Custom snakeskin strapback hats are one of the trendiest fashion hats in the market. They became fashionable when popular artists and entertainers began wearing them. Some of these artists include Kanye West, Jay-Z, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and more. With its popularity, many brands and individuals are now selling authentic custom snakeskin strapback hats, just like Scyoc, which uses 100% genuine python snakeskin. Most of the authentic custom snakeskin baseball caps are also handmade, to ensure that they are carefully customized.

These hats are basically original strapback baseball caps that feature brands, basketball teams, and baseball teams, for instance, which are customized to have snakeskin brims and back straps. By doing this, regular strapback hats would look more stylish. If you are wondering how hat designers and brands do the customization, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to share with you how custom snakeskin strapback hats are made.

The Snakeskin

Before designers can customize baseball caps, the primary material that they will need is the snakeskin. Python snakeskin is what brands usually use in making custom snakeskin strapback hats. And compared to other exotic skins, python skins are very durable and look stunning. They have been valued for their durability and elegance by a lot of designers. That’s why they are also often used in making other items, such as bags, shoes, and clothes.

There are more than 300,000 python skins that are legally traded under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species authority. Therefore, when buying custom snakeskin hats, you need to ensure that the brand or company you are purchasing from abides by the laws of the country of origin, including all United States Federal and State Laws.

Most of the time, Malaysian and Indonesian origin python skins are used in customizing strapback hats. These come in two types of python cuts, which are front cut and back cut. Among the two, the colorways of back cut python skins are rarer and more difficult to find. However, their difference is only in people’s tastes and preferences, as they have the same quality. Also, the reason why snakeskin items are expensive, including snakeskin strapback hats, is because the demand for python snakeskin is very high in the fashion industry.

Once the designers or stores obtain the snakeskins, these will be placed in tanning machines to be treated. They are treated in the same process as to leather.

snakeskin texture

The Process

Creating custom python snakeskin strapback hats is not easy because it requires accurate measurements and careful handling of the hats and other materials. We are going to enumerate the basic process of how the custom hats are made.

  • The first step in the hat-making process is unstitching and disassembling the brim of the original hat, including its plastic snapback. This should be done carefully to ensure that the other parts of the hat, especially its design or embroidery, won’t be damaged.

  • After disassembling the brim and the snapback, the snapback material is also taken off, as well as the under brim of the hat’s bill. After that, the brim is then replaced with 100% genuine python snakeskin. The under brim would then be replaced with 100% genuine lambskin leather, which is carefully handsewn onto the brim and under brim. Lambskin leather is usually the same type used in making fine leather garments. High-quality ones are made from the finest full-grain lambskin stack. Using them on the under brim of the hat will add a luxurious touch to it, and as well as give it a natural look.

  • After replacing the brim, the plastic snapback of the hat will also be replaced with a 100% lambskin leather and an adjustable python snakeskin back strap, making it a snakeskin strapback hat. Most of the time, you can choose between gold or silver buckle for the strap of the hat. They are also sometimes available in white nickel-plated and yellow gold-plated finishes. This depends on what is available in the store you will be purchasing in.

  • When the replacements of the parts are done, designers will sew a genuine python snakeskin tag onto the back of the hat to give it more character.

These are the basic process of how custom python snakeskin strapback hats are made. Wearing these customized hats will surely make you look more stylish. And if you will be watching your favorite sports teams, whether baseball or basketball, you can definitely match these hats with your favorite designer sneaker, for a more fashionable look.