Health and Wellness Brands You Have to Try

Here are a few amazing brands to try in 2021.

Super Shrooms

There are thousands of people out there who are addicted to their morning cup of coffee. You have probably met one, if you aren’t one yourself: the person who can’t fully open up their eyes without slugging back at least one very strong cup of joe, preferably with a full tablespoon of sugar and a couple of glugs of half and half, straight from the carton.

It seems a lot like an addiction when you forget to get your coffee one morning, and you have some very real withdrawal symptoms. As you rush to get a caffeine fix, the reality of your coffee addiction becomes all too real, and a little bit scary.

Super Shrooms is a coffee substitute that can give you some pretty astounding nutritional boosts, in place of your regular coffee. The mushrooms that are found in this blend of four types of staples of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine have very real effects on your body that are akin to superfoods.

If you are concerned about a “mushroomy” flavor, the creators assure us all that the use of

raw cacao, masala chai, cinnamon, and turmeric provide a delicious morning beverage, that is chock full of superfoods.


Kynd is an Australian supplement company that has a company mantra that includes attempting to make life better for thousands of people in the country it originates from. Boasting a product line that includes beauty products and health supplements that have been carefully formulated to be sustainable, as well as scientifically sound, Kynd has donated tens of thousands of products to homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, and other people in need.

For every Kynd product that is purchased, the company will donate the same product to someone in need, elevating the whole “pay it forward” concept to an amazing new level. This is called “one for one supplement branding”, and is a very intriguing concept.

You can track how your purchase has led to the donation of a similar product to someone in need via the Kynd website. Products include many popular supplements that are known for supporting healthy clean living and beautiful hair and skin.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an app that allows your smartphone to analyze your sleep patterns and wake cycles to help you gain a more rested life. Chronic insomniacs are always in search of the everlasting comfort of a sleep/wake cycle that allows them to fall asleep at a normal time, as well as wake up at the time they need to. This is an elusive, nearly impossible quest for so many people, that there are a lot of products that are being developed to help us all get some decent rest — without addictive drugs.

This app tracks your sleep, analyzing REM cycles, and then wakes you up at a point when you’re at your naturally lightest point of being asleep with a “gentle alarm”. This is said to be one of the best natural ways to actually get to the wonderful Valhalla of finally feeling “well-rested” (a place that seems like it might be a mythological tale to a great many of us).

It promises that you will not be grumpy in the morning, which seems like a real stretch for any app. Seems like it might be worth a try: just for curiosity’s sake.


You’ve seen the subscription box of cosmetics, and you’ve seen the sample box of classy menswear, AND you have more than likely seen the subscription box of the newest weird toys from Japan.

Have you, however, seen the BuluBox?

This is a pretty good idea, considering just how many people out there are obsessed with healthy living and weight loss. BuluBox was developed by a husband and wife team who are really into staying in shape. When you subscribe, you get a monthly sampling of wellness and health products.

If you have ever gotten stuck with a massive jar of protein powder that was absolutely not edible due to a very misguided flavoring agent, then you might be able to see the practicality in a small sample of a wellness product that might normally come in a 2-pound tub with a scoop inside.

Each box has five “carefully curated” samples aimed at helping people “shed a few pounds”, but do it in a safe and healthy way. Seems like a great idea!