Give your bathroom a touch of pure comfort

A bathroom doesn’t have to be practical. When you create it, your focus can be on making it the most comfortable corner of your house. After all, it is the only zone where you can seek some quiet me-time, pay heed to your inner feelings and emotions without drawing anybody’s attention, think of crazy ideas, relax, or plan your future. You can incorporate it in your bathroom through certain features, accessories, and ambiance without worrying about your pocket. Here are some suggestions to help you build a comfortable design that can go a long way in contributing to its overall quality. Let’s delve into them.

Luxurious bathtub

An enjoyable soak can be therapeutic – it can soothe your frayed nerves and rejuvenate your mind and body. But you cannot indulge in this if your bathtub is too small or uncomfortable. That’s why you need to lavish on this instrumental highlight. Initially, the price can feel expensive, but you can recover its value over time as you take a dip in it and unwind. Plus, it can be an excellent investment also. Buyers find tubs with jets quite fascinating. And if they are bigger, it is even more attractive for them. Soakers come in various shapes and forms, for example, clawfoot tubs, stone soakers, etc. A polished stone bathtub can allow you to bask in a long and calming bath and forget all your worries and tiredness.

Hydrotherapy tubs are well-known for their striking accessories. They come with jets and generally tend to be larger than the regular size tubs. Some high-end models can even include LED lights to add lighting effects at the push of a button. Besides, clawfoot tubs can be the most prevalent tub designs for you. In the latter part of the 1800s, these bathtubs took away all the limelight. Recently, these designs have made a comeback. You can keep it in the center of the bathroom to let its glory envelop the whole ambiance. Its aesthetics can be matchless. But you cannot think about them if you have a small bathroom.


Showering is an essential daily ritual in terms of health and hygiene. But you can turn this utilitarian habit into a luxurious experience by getting the right shower fixture. There are various possibilities to explore when it comes to enjoying a swanky bath. Still, nothing can beat the charm of a shower room. You will have to dedicate one whole corner to this to taste its delightfulness. You can outfit that space with different accessories and features also. For instance, imagine installing as many as five showerheads. There can be an extra detachable showerhead too.

Some believe that having a rain shower head can be a good idea as you can relish the downpour from head to toe. When you stand under it, you can recall bathing in a waterfall and instantly get closer to nature.

Bathroom accessories

Bathmats, towels, and toilet seats are some other highlights that can impart a sense of coziness to your private room. Although these are smaller investments, you cannot ignore their powerful presence.

To be precise, every time you step out of the shower or tub, you need a bathmat. The same old feel under your feet when you just freshened up can kill your mood. To avoid this, you can buy numerous of them and continue to replace the older ones. In the beginning, you can opt for a soft memory foam mat. The feeling of softness will linger with you. Plus, when you step on it after showering, the water from your body will slip onto the mat’s microfiber construction and disappear.

Like these, fluffy towels or bath sheets can be another useful addition. These can be similar to bath towels, but they tend to be larger than them. For a top-notch quality, you can lean on Egyptian cotton or some other luxe natural material. When you wrap yourself in it after a long soak, its warmth will help you retain the feeling of comfort.

Another item that you may not have considered from the point of comfort quotient is toilet seat cushions. Usually, people with mobility issues or special needs use them. But there are some choices which intend to make your experience with the toilet highly comfortable.  The toilet seats are generally hard surfaces. When you switch to a softer one, you will realize what you have been missing all the while.

Sink area

A countertop vessel sink stands for luxuriousness, style, and warmth based on what type of finish you select. If you want to make it more comfortable, go for well-designed vessel sink faucets. Finding the right kind of sink faucets for your bathroom décor is easy as many reputable kitchen and bath stores keep an extensive range of them. For example, if the presence of natural elements satisfies your senses, you can buy a waterfall faucet to complement your setup.

Additionally, you can invest in bath trays also. Your vanity countertop may house different small and large bottles of toiletries that you need every day or regularly in the sink area. You can arrange them in a tray to avoid clutter and get quick access to your desired product. You can buy one for the bathtub if you like to read a book, watch TV, or listen to music while soaking.

Designing or redecorating a bathroom to elevate its comfort doesn’t have to feel like a tall task if you already have the right fixtures and fittings. So, at the time of renovation or replacement, make sure to be conscious of your choices. View them in terms of long-term investment to avoid the pinch. And if you have to compromise with a few smaller things for them, give a thought to it once. You can always include them later on when you are ready to spend again.  In essence, you can create the most comfortable bathroom décor for yourself hassle-free. Just one more thing – get scented candles, air purifiers, or essential oil diffusers for a pleasant aroma. Else, bathroom odor can ruin all your efforts.