Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes Example

Choosing eye shadow for hazel eyes may seem daunting at first, but it need not be. There are some very simple guidelines that help you look fantastic and really show off all the hints of color in your eyes. A lot of women reach immediately for brown hues, which is fine, but you don’t need to remain colorless. A lot of eye shadows intended for green and blue eyes will work for you too.

Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes Example Rihanna

Looking to the neutral tones first, however, since they’re popular and go with whatever you’re wearing every time – beige coupled with a very pale pink makes an inviting look as does using cream tones. You can also go darker into gray and black, but those are best suited to evening events.

While the color pink may have taken you off guard as an eye shadow for hazel eyes, purple also works very well. Look to the full spectrum of purple shades for something that’s distinctly YOU and if possible pair that with an accessory of the same color. For a little more flair, add lavender or plum eye liner.

What about metallic? You can work that gold girl! In fact, you can wear nearly any shade of yellow you want on your eyes so play with a variety of colors. During the holidays, however, choosing the metallic gold let’s your eyes shine with all the little flecks of color therein.

Hazel eye coloring can vary from person to person. Depending on the predominant color in your eyes green Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes might really make those peppers pop. You might have to blend this with a hint of brown or pink go get just the right tone – so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes Example – Kate Beckinsale

One word of caution – blue probably isn’t the best choice in eye shadow for hazel eyes. A lot here depends on your skin tone. During the day hours you might be able to use it sparingly, but in darker lighting your eyes will fade to the backdrop of blue eye shadow.

By comparison a sparkling sliver looks lovely with hazel eyes. Use a darker brown in the eye crease and silver near your lashes. You can certainly add liner if desired – this makes a great holiday look too!

Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes Example – Hilary Duff

If you find yourself uncertain at any point – you can’t go wrong with returning to the basic brown family. Create a smoky eye, add a little liner, some matching mascara – and those eyes can’t help but be seen and appreciated.

Celebrities with Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Rihanna has gorgeous hazel eyes, which she frequently emphasizes with dramatic eye makeup – mascara & eye liner and a softer blush and lip color.

I love how Hilary Duff plays up her beautiful eyes here  – this is a great eye shadow shade for hazel eyes!

Camilla Belle Hazel Eye Makeup

Camilla Belle has hazel eyes along with very dark hair and fair skin. This look is very heavy on the eye liner, but it pulls all the focus to her eyes

Tyra Banks – Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

Tyra Banks is wearing pink eye shadow in this picture and her eye liner is very light – it looks like only the top lids are lined – this is a softer look and it makes her eye look much lighter in color.

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes – Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale plays up here eyes by lining her inner rims.  Other than her dark eye liner, all of her other makeup is very soft and she and her eyes look really beautiful!

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes Example – Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood also has hazel eyes.  She frequently plays up her eyes with eyeliner and mascara and goes for nude colors on her cheeks and lips.

Did you notice that with all of our celebrities, there is not a look of drama or color with their eye shadow for hazel eyes?  Every one of them has a soft taupe to pink color eye shadow and most of them have distinct dark eye liner and mascara.  They all also have soft glossy lips.

Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes Example

By far the most important thing is looking at shades of color. Hazel eyes have hints of color – bits of brown, sometimes flecks of blue. If you can pick up on one of those subtle colors it will make your eyes pop.

Generally speaking, hazel eyes benefit from neutral eye shadow. Any hues with a brown base will be a safe choice every time. You can also get away rose, and pastel pink. If you go with this color play off your rouge. Purples are also great to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. In the purple family, anything goes – lilac, plum, violet, eggplant – they will all look great on you. Occasionally you can wear green but keep it subtle. For a night on the town try something with hints of gold or silver.

In the green family stick to the darker green colors and usually use them in the crease with a neutral color on the lid. Stay away from blues and grays, they will “clash” with your eyes. Some of the newer metallic shadows in gold and bronze will also work great for you, especially if you have gold flecks or tomes in your eyes. For hazel eyes more than any other color, avoid the temptation to match your eye shadow to your clothing and stick with the shadows that show off your eyes.

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Your mascara and eye liner colors should be determined more by your hair color and over skin tone. If you have dark hair and lashes, go with black, dark brown or very dark green mascara and eyeliner. If your coloring is more fair or if you have blonde or light eyelashes, go with a brown mascara and a lighter eyeliner, such as a medium brown, green, bronze or even khaki. You may eve want to dry dark purple or dark green mascara to compliment your eye shadow for hazel eyes – colored mascara can really make your eyes POP.