Everything You Need to Know Before Getting False Ceiling

A ceiling design provides impressive features to any office space or condominium. From concealing wires to better acoustics, a false ceiling can solve numerous issues. Nonetheless, a majority of people opt for false ceilings primarily for their aesthetic appeal. These aid in changing the way a ceiling plane looks, which contributes to the manner in which the space looks like. So if you are thinking about getting a false ceiling as well, there are a few things you need to know before you implement your plan. In this blog, we have shared all the key aspects. Let’s dive in.

But First, What is a False Ceiling?

False ceilings are becoming overly popular among homeowners. But what are they? Well, a false ceiling, sometimes also referred to as dropped or secondary ceiling is a structure suspended from the actual one. It is formed using metal wooden rafters . What’s more, false ceiling designs can also be customized in a variety of patterns, materials, and colors.

1. Finish and Color

The common notion about false ceiling designs is that they must be white, neutral, or pale shades. On the other hand, you can choose surfaces or shades on the basis of desired look, function, theme, and context. While white offers a clear, uninterrupted appearance to all kinds of spaces, what other colors offer is solely based on the kind of space and ambiance.

2. Layout and Design

When it comes to false ceiling designs, you should consider the area you wish to cover, expose, recess, or suspend. It is best to focus on the room’s geometry so the ceiling does not look like an exception to the space. In case you are thinking more about lighting, plan spots for illumination as well.

3. Plan the Height

The room’s height plays a major role in deciding false ceiling designs. Moreover, when we talk about commercial or office spaces, some height would be taken by support lines like lighting and HVAC. This will definitely result in decreased height. So on the basis of the theme or look you desire to attain through a false ceiling, plan the execution and installation. These things must be kept in mind while doing so: surface finish, height, material durability, fixing, and nature of the material.

4. Cost-Effective Methods for False Ceiling

Since a multitude of materials is available at a variety of price ranges, you can pick an ideal material and then think about a theme that complements the decor, look, or theme of the space you plan to install the false ceiling.

The beautification of a ceiling can take place on numerous levels and does not necessarily require being expensive. Factors like suitability, the durability of the material, and practical feasibility must be considered.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know everything about false ceiling designs, you are ready to start planning. Do not forget to consider the theme you plan to achieve. This will make the job a whole lot easier. And remember, you do not need to spend a lot on secondary ceilings – there are several reasonably-priced options available.