Discover The Truth About Shampooing With Very Hot Water

You have probably heard about the damage that can happen to your hair when you use heat-styling tools every day. The intense heat damages the outer layer of your hair, dehydrating it, making it brittle and easily damaged.

It’s logical to wonder if the same issue exists when you wash your hair in very hot water. You probably do this without thinking about it while in the shower. After all, most people don’t want a cold shower!

But, it is time you considered changing your routine. Shampooing your hair with very hot water can cause several undesirable side effects.


Just as heat styling tools suck the moisture out of your hair, so can very hot water. The hot water strips the dirt and grease from your hair and scalp effectively. However, in the process, it removes the oil that protects your hair and gives it a shine.

Your hair will look dull and become more brittle. Fortunately, you don’t need to wash your hair in cold water to overcome this. A good quality shampoo, such as one from the Kerastase range and warm water will effectively wash your hair without damaging it.

You’ll also find it is still a pleasant experience.

Increased hair Fall Out

When you shampoo your hair with very hot water your pores are opened. This is a good thing to ensure dirt and debris are removed. However, your pores will open and be cleansed in warm water. Using very hot water means the pores and roots of your hair can be damaged by the heat. This increases the likelihood of hairs falling out. That is definitely not a desirable side-effect.

Damage To Your Scalp

If you use very hot water on your hands you pull them away quickly as you realize that you are likely to get burned. The same is true of your scalp, except that it generally takes longer for the heat to register as too hot. The result is you can burn or inflame your scalp. This will cause itchiness.

You’ll then need to deal with an angry scalp that you’ll want to itch all day. At the same time, this is likely to damage the normal transfer of nutrients from the scalp to the hair. If your hair doesn’t get the moisture and nutrients it needs it will become dry, brittle, and look dull. That’s going to make it difficult to look and feel your best.


The very hot water on your scalp is also likely to dry your scalp. This combined with the damage just described will increase the likelihood of you developing dandruff. The condition is simply flaky skin on your scalp and very hot water will encourage this.

That’s not something you want to deal with.

The good news is you only have o turn the water down a few degrees. Aim to wash your hair in water that is similar to body temperature, 35-37° C and use a quality shampoo. You’ll quickly notice the difference.