Derma Roller for Under-Eye Dark Circles?

Suffering dark circles under your eyes can be really frustrating. It makes you look stressed and older than your actual age. Even if you’ve just had twelve hours of sleep, people would still tell you that you are looking tired and lacking sleep.

Under-eye dark circles are also called “panda eyes” or “raccoon eyes.” While dark eye circles look adorable on a panda or a raccoon, they won’t look adorable on humans. Well, do sufferers still see any hope in getting rid of under-eye dark circles, or at least reducing them? The answer is a resounding yes!

But first, what really causes under-eye dark circles? We’ve done some research and we found out several factors, including:

  • It is an inherited trait, just like varicose veins
  • Aging – as we age, the sensitive skin under our eyes gets thinner. Also, it loses fat which gives it volume, resulting to a depressed area that casts a shadow.
  • Conditions such as allergies and eczema make you itchy, leading you to rub your eyes a lot.
  • Too much exposure to sunlight – lack of protection against sunlight can cause the skin under your eyes to turn dark.
  • Too much salt or caffeine intake – these things tend to retain fluid, making the skin look darker under your eyes.
  • Makeup – it may sound counterintuitive, as makeup is supposed to cover dark circles under your eyes. Actually, makeup can irritate your eyes, causing them to look darker. If you develop allergies from using bad products, that will make the situation even worse.
  • Too many hours in front of the computer, mobile gadgets or television.
  • And so on and so forth…

You may have tried medicines, creams or cosmetic products that promise to get rid of under-eye dark circles, only to find their effect only temporary. You may have also gone to the dermatologist, only to be told that there’s nothing that can be done about it so you’d just better live with it. There are certain measures that promise total elimination of under-eye dark circles, but the problem is that they’re just too expensive.

So the other alternative is to use the derma roller. But can it be effective in treating under-eye dark circles?

First of all, caution must be exercised when using a derma roller. A derma roller is a device covered in microneedles (whose size ranges from 0.2 mm to 1.0, at least for use on the face). The skin under the eye is thin and sensitive, so you should be careful rolling in this area. It is ideal to use a derma roller with a microneedle length of not more than 0.2 mm. Roll it on the dark circle under your eye, but do it gently.

Hylauronic acid is typically used to treat dark circles. So if you apply hylauronic acid together with the gentle rolling on the skin, it is likely that the dark circles under your eye will gradually disappear. As with treating other skin conditions using the derma roller, this procedure on under-eye dark circles may be done repeatedly so that you can see the desired result.

You can also apply mesotherapy treatments along with dermarolling to lighten the dark circles. There are at-home mesotherapy kits available which include several weeks’ worth of serum, as well as a derma roller with a 0.1 microneedle length.

An anesthetic topical cream should be used to numb the sore feeling as a result from rolling.

Dermarolling or microneedling is a therapy for under-eye dark circles that is simple to use and can be afforded by anyone – even if it has been done in a dermatologist’s clinic. If you are bothered by dark circles under your eyes, why you don’t you try a derma roller now? Derma rollers have been clinically proven as effective and safe, given that you use them properly.