Crooked teeth? What are your options?

Are your crooked teeth something that eats at you? Crooked teeth mean different things to different people; while some are perfectly fine with misaligned teeth, others are not happy about it. Some people would do almost anything to have straight or correctly aligned teeth, and we don’t blame them. Misaligned teeth are not cosmetic but also an oral health issue. Straightening your teeth can make it easy to care for them and makes cleaning access easy. It also eliminates crevices where food residue can hide, causing plaque and other health-related problems.

Granted, crooked teeth may seem like a minor issue, but they could have severe repercussions like chipping, flattening or breaking, or even jaw problems in the long run. The good news is crooked teeth can be fixed, and while it may seem costly, it could save you a lot of money dealing with oral health problems down the road. So why not get ahead of the problem and fix them now? Today, fixing crooked teeth is not an issue which means you can easily improve your teeth alignment with a few orthodontics procedures. Whether you want one, multiple teeth, or an entire row fixed, you can visit this Orthodontist in Arlington, Stafford and, after examination, go over your treatment options.

6 ways to fix your crooked teeth

1. Invisalign

Made from clear plastic aligners, these braces are nearly invisible. They are customized to fit an individual’s mouth and are worn to fit over each tooth. Treatment could last up to 11 months, during which this time a patient goes through a series of removable retainers. While this is an excellent dental straightening option, they take longer to straighten teeth than traditional braces; also, they are recommended for severe misalignment issues. Although the results are gradual, Invisalign is minimally invasive, allowing patients to undergo treatment with minimal interruption in their lives. Better yet, you can receive at-home service treatment with invisalign, which is significantly less than office treatment. Take a peek at Smile Direct Club reviews to learn more about whether all-day use or nighttime only aligners work best for you.

2. Braces

Braces are the most common go-to for people who want straight teeth. They are a long-term solution to crooked teeth, but the result is more than worth it. When you finally remove them, you will reveal a beautiful set of whites that will last a lifetime. However, if you want a quick fix for your crooked teeth, braces may not be for you. Typically, they could take months or even years, depending on the braces you want and the extent of your repositioning. There are different braces, and you have the option of either depending on your case.

3. Lingual fixed braces

Although similar to the conventional exterior braces, these are fixed at the back of the teeth. Just as effective as the external braces, these have the advantage of being completely hidden from view. You may have to break the bank and see a specialist for a more extended visit, but if you want braces that are completely invisible from view, they are your best bet.

4. Labial(exterior)braces

These are conventional exterior braces fixed at the front of the teeth. They come in varieties, and you have the option of choosing either, depending on your case and presence. An example is the tooth-colored ceramic braces, that are hard to see, and the traditional metallic braces which use a network of metallic brackets connected by a tight wire to align the teeth in a healthy position.

5. Veneers

You ever wondered how your favorite celebrity’s teeth are just perfect? The simple answer is veneers. Within minutes of your appointment, veneers can transform your crooked teeth into the perfect Hollywood smile. They consist of a thin porcelain layer; veneers are placed on top of one’s natural tooth. This solution serves two purposes. First, it helps with teeth alignment and disguises misshapen and stained teeth. Second, veneers consist of a layer of porcelain placed on top of one’s natural teeth. To achieve the best results, your natural tooth will be filed to remove the tooth surface, which can be destructive if your teeth are healthy. If you have the option of braces, we would recommend going with braces that are much less destructive.

6. Teeth bonding

Dental bonding will work for you if you want straighter teeth and are looking for a minimally invasive treatment plan to do it. How does it work? The orthodontist uses tooth-colored composite to build up your teeth and reshape them. It takes less than an hour, and it leaves you with straighter teeth.

Now that you have several dental treatment options laid out, you can determine which one best suits your case. Before making your choice, we would recommend sitting down with your orthodontics and seeking their opinion. Then, based on your case and how much you can pay, he or she can develop a plan suitable for you. Ultimately, the decision to fix your crooked teeth is personal, but this guide will give your insight into the different treatment options just in case you are settled on the matter.