Contemporary Glamour Opulent Interiors from Grand to Exotic

Contemporary Glamour Opulent Interiors from Grand to Exotic is a book that was published in May 2002 in London. It is has 176 pages with topics mainly about architecture, decoration and ornaments, themes, motives, interior designs, and interior decorations; its history and how it changes to 20th century. The book is written by Ali Hanan with some captions and additional information from Kate Dwyer.

Ali Hanan wrote has written other books like “Modern Rustic” and “Bathing space”; while Kate Dwyer as written and illustrated children’s’ book like “Reindeer Dust.” Kate Dwyer is an author of children’s books who lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband, sons, and daughter. She received some awards like Best cover design Mom’s Choice award for her children’s picture book. Ali Hanan, on the other hand, lives in London. She is an author of several interior books that were mentioned above, and co-author of the books, “Modern Vintage Style”, and “Flea Market Style.”

The book shows international locations that are stylish, and sophisticated. It gives new and fresh style of interior design through the pictures included in the book.

The book is filled with lots of information about visual styles that includes the following:

Chapter I Exotics

Chapter II Sedate

Chapter III Indulgent

Chapter IV Timeless

Chapter V Eclectic

Each topic is analyzed and discussed in detail.

In this book, the ideas are well presented wherein she lets the reader view international interior designs like Pierre Cardin’s home in Cannes, Four season Hotels in Bali, and Commes de Garcons shop in Paris.  With this reader is given the chance to take a look at each of these places without the need to visit them personally. The way she explains the details of each chapter in the book will let the reader appreciate things in our own environment. The book implies that even simple looking designs can be eye catching.

The book shows that through interior design one can make a residential and commercial establishment look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Interior design does not only focus on the color combination of the walls and floors and the items inside; it can also have a theme or specific motif for an area. For example, a living room may have a garden theme, where walls, furniture, and decorations are all related to that certain theme. That way, visitors will feel they’re in a garden, wherein actually they’re in the living room.

A rooms motif and decorations should be combined properly to make it more realistic. Exotic designs like Moroccan inspired can make an interior of an establishment look majestic and glamorous without too many expensive decorations. Sometimes, a little bit of simple design, idea, theme or decorations can make a place more beautiful and glamorous.

Contemporary Glamour is very pleasing to the eye due to its visual design. It is a very detailed book with a lot of pictures that let us see the interiors of many different venues. It is a good book to read that makes one think of space and its environment, as well as in making exotic designs look beautiful and much appreciated as art in modern times.