Comfiest Plus Size Lounge Wear Ideas You’ll Love

Since most of us aren’t going out for rad meetups and parties, and all we can do is to style ourselves for Zoom sessions, exercising, and our living room for a bit of fashion joy. Fashion and style aren’t always about what you show off in public, and you can also be stylish in your house and enjoy comfy pieces for your day-to-day activities during lockdowns.

Not enough creative ideas about styling your plus-sized loungewear? No worries, because we’ve got some fantastic loungewear ideas for curvy ladies that are not only the comfiest but also trendy!

1. Cozy rib sweatshirt and trousers

Who doesn’t love wearing an oversized t-shirt and wide trousers in the house? This is one of the comfiest and smart-looking loungewear you’ll find because it doesn’t look too rundown but is loose enough for slouchy movements.

You can either go with a paired set such as the ravish navy blue sweatshirt and trouser set from M&S Collection or buy separate pieces with a different top and bottom and throw in some mismatched sets.

2. Grey fluffy cardigan

Kardashian fans aren’t the only ones entitled to rock fluffy cardigans and skims. If you are going for 100% comfiness, then a long soft grey cardigan will let you channel your inner lazy stylish goddess.

This piece is so versatile that you can even rock it with a plus size boho dress, loose pajamas, and nude makeup. Looks great if you have an emergency work meeting or someone drops in unexpectedly at home.

3. Dusty cashmere sweatshirt

Sweatshirts and pants are the universal go-to clothing when we want to chill on our couch with style. You may have dozens of sweatshirts, but it’s time you try the lavender train with a dusty cashmere sweatshirt that can be paired with sleek trousers, shorts, or Capri trousers.

We recommend that you pair your lavender cashmere sweatshirt with fleece cropped cut sweatpants in neutral colors or a midcalf for added extra comfort.

4. Stripe pajama set with long sleeves

While we enjoy our skin in the hot season with shorty PJs and thin strap shirts, you can also rock your curves with long sleeve loungewear.

When you want to go with a wee bit of a formal loungewear outlook that is comfy as well as cozy, you should go with a stripe long sleeve pajama set that looks classy and doesn’t directly give away to others that you are wearing sleepwear.

You can match your striped long-sleeved shirt with a matching striped pajama set or with plain loose trousers.

5. Button-Front sweater jumpsuit

Ah, the good ol’ oversized jumpsuits will never cease to amaze ladies with their 100% level of comfort and style. Even though jumpsuits aren’t a fresh trend, famous twists such as wide-leg or button-front sweater jumpsuits bring back this much-loved loungewear.

You can try the button-front jumpsuit that seems more seamless, casually styled, and a comfy fit for loungewear. It’s a minimalist look that you can be creative with and add various twists such as going for a neck-fitted jumpsuit, smocked jumpsuit, wide-leg jumpsuit, and so on.

Our two absolute favorite looks in this category are the blue zebra jumpsuit and the pop orange tie shoulder smock jumpsuit.

6.  Wide leg trouser and long poncho set

The Poncho isn’t only for cowgirls these days because, with a pretty wide-leg trouser and matching poncho set, you can channel your inner cowgirl right from your living room. Ponchos are trendy these days because of how stylish they look and how they feel at the same time.

We’d recommend you go for a soft knit grey poncho with kangaroo pockets and a roll neck if you prefer being cozy. Match it up either with loose trousers or midcalf sweatpants.

7. Off-the-shoulder loungewear set

Off-the-shoulder looks are always welcome, either for a casual date, an indoors movie night, or an outdoor dinner. You can even use the idea for comfy loungewear set with an off-the-shoulder feature paired with extra-large trousers or shorty PJs.

A trendy look we are recently fangirling over is a knit plus size sweater that comes with drop sleeves and a chic off-the-shoulder silhouette paired with high-waisted matching leggings with drawstrings.

8. Fleece pullover

How can we forget fleece uppers, pants, pullovers, and hoodies when talking about comfy loungewear? Curvy women will love oversized fleece pullovers as they are great for pulling off a comfortable indoor and outdoor look.

Again, we would recommend you jump on the lilac or lavender train, such as the one from Nike, which comes in various sizes and works not only as loungewear but also as a covetable sports kit. It would be best if you paired your pullover with cropped sweatpants for outdoors and midcalf for off-duty.


With Covid-19 restrictions not looking to go away anytime soon, we have decided to fulfill our fashion passion by dressing up comfy yet stylish in our homes. This is where plus size women struggle with ideas to rock trendy looks with all the comfiness.

Not to worry, with our list of trendy loungewear ideas for this season, you’ll find a look or two that will stick with you throughout lockdown.