Best Sunglasses To Wear While Playing Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is already an intense sport. But take it to the beach and you turn up the heat even more. Sweat, sand and sun aren’t your best friends when you’re trying to score for your team. Sunglasses can provide solid protection, but buying the right pair is key. In this guide, you’ll learn about polarized sunglasses, what to look for while shopping and useful accessories for your new pair of shades.

Are Sunglass Straps Helpful?

Before you hit the beach and set up the net, it’s a good idea to include sunglass straps with your new pair of shades. You may see them sold as “eyeglass retainers,” but they serve the same essential purpose – keeping your specs from falling off your face.

Sunglass straps and eyewear chains are completely different animals. The latter keeps you from dropping or losing your shades. But eyewear retainers fit closer to the head. Most designed for athletic use include soft material that stretches to accommodate your size. They offer a comfortable and flexible fit, perfect for whatever your game throws at you. For outdoor summer activities, look for sunglass straps that can hold up during extended exposure to sun, water and perspiration.

Why Sports Glasses Are Best During Athletic Activities

You know that sunglasses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. But that doesn’t stop with casual outings. Donning your shades during outdoor sports is even more imperative. Polarized lenses are a great option – they feature tiny vertical patterns that filter light and block horizontal light waves. Thanks to this design, they deliver several important benefits:

  • Clearer vision in bright sunlight
  • Less glare and reflection
  • Minimizing eye strain

When you’re spending hours out on the sand, choose polarized sunglasses for men or women designed for sport or activewear. Blenders Eyewear’s Saturn Cloud is on great example. Part of the brand’s Eclipse series, Saturn Cloud sports a wraparound frame with full face protection. Its polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection and feature a mirrored finish with a high-impact electric azure and tangerine colorway.

Blenders Eyewear’s Jade Master is another excellent choice for beach volleyball players. Jade Master is in the brand’s Full Speed activewear line and also features a large wraparound frame. As a bonus, this frame is also finished in a sturdy rubberized coating for improved durability. Its mirrored polarized lenses sport a two-tone gradient color pattern with brilliant green front and center.

If basic black is more your speed, Bold Victory is an attractive option. Also in the Full Speed collection, Bold Victory sports polarized smoky black lenses that provide 100% UV protection. Along with its wraparound frame and lenses, it includes rubberized reinforcements at the temples and nose pad for better grip and comfort.

Helpful Shopping Tips

Now that you know what to look for in mens and womens polarized sunglasses, you’re ready to go shopping. Look for a retailer that gives you detailed information on each product’s features and you’re your retailer should offer order tracking and have a clear returns and exchanges policy