Beautiful Places for Living in Miami

When you ask people about the best places they want to live in, most probably would include Miami on their lists. There are many reasons to love living in Miami, Florida. It showcases entertainment in various forms, sea adventures for all ages, world-class health care, walkable streets, lots of active adult communities, and the weather is great all year round. Aside from those things, Miami is also open to new cultures, and there are no income, inheritance, and estate taxes here. However, if you prefer living on the upper west side, we highly recommend you these luxurious yet affordable apartments for sale

If you decide to live in Miami and are looking for a home or apartment to live in, finding one is fairly easy because there are many amazing condos and homes here that you’ll surely love. One example is the condos in Beach Club Hallandale. These are luxurious residences located on a beautiful beach, giving you direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to find out more places that you can consider when you live in this city, here’s a list of beautiful places for living in Miami. We recommend you click the link if you want the best roman shades miami installed in your house or property. 

Brickell Key

the stunning Brickell Key in Miami

Brickell is probably the best place that Miami has to offer. It is one of the few places in Miami that you can get around just by walking. This place has a vibrancy and energy that you can’t help but fall a little in love with. There are lots of bars, restaurants, shops, cafes, and local businesses in this area, making it a very attractive destination for millennials. It is also known as the financial district of Miami. This means that there are many job opportunities here where you can earn a good amount of money.

Properties here also come at high prices, and investing in them is a great idea. One of the perfect real estate investments that you can opt for here is buying a condo in Brickell Key One. It’s the first condo tower to be developed on Brickell Key, featuring more than 300 condo residences.

Brickell is perfect for those who are looking for a dense urban feel. It is also close to south beach, gables, and other boroughs. It features fantastic district and seafront skyscrapers, which is absolutely stunning. And in terms of school and safety, this place is also the best.

North Bay Village

view on North Bay Village in Miami

If you are looking into living in a beautiful dense suburb, then North Bay is the perfect place for you. This place features the beautiful views of downtown Miami beach and bay that will surely mesmerize you. The weather here is pretty good too, which is not too hot or cold. And it is always sunny with a nice breeze as well. Living here would also give you easy access to restaurants, grocery stores, malls, hotels, and more. It is also a pet-friendly place and family-friendly, too, making it a wonderful place for the whole family to live in.

South Beach

luxury hotels and condos on South Beach, Miami

South Beach is a quintessential and ultimate housing destination, whether you are looking for apartments to live or rent. It is a suburb that has a diverse ethnic group and as well as different restaurants to enjoy. South Beach also has fair and effective law enforcement with a beautiful clean park. You can enjoy here sunny, warm weather, too. This place has effective and easy to get around public transportation with options such as buses, monorails, and trolleys. There are also lots of excellent public and private schools here if you will be living with your family.

Coral Gables

residential area in Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a blend of business and residential areas. You can find here apartments, detached homes, and townhouses, which can fit every lifestyle. This place is an excellent choice to live in if you are a boat enthusiast. It’s because it features wide canals and 40 miles of waterfront property, making it easy for you to find a place to keep your prized vessel. If you are looking for indoor boat storage options, there are also plenty of options here.

If you have young children, this is also a great place because of the excellent private and public schools around. The traffic circles in the neighborhood also make the place extra safe. Also, about 30 percent of Coral Gables is dedicated to green space, making it a soothing place to live in.


Aventura is an amazingly beautiful suburb that will give you an urban feeling. It has diverse ethnic groups and communities, making it a unique place. It features an excellent library, a health center, and beautiful parks, as well. It is also a great place for professionals because it offers excellent career opportunities that can fulfill all your housing needs if you have a family. If you are thinking about crime and safety, it is a safe place and also offers excellent public schools. The cost of living here is also decent, especially for businessmen, because it has the right business environment. Having free property in the area can be beneficial for you to offer it to refugees accommodation especially in these hard times until they can get settled in the country.

Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands is the perfect place for those who are looking for an urban feeling. It is a small and relaxed town that is around the beach. The place also stands out with its friendly people that belong to different ethnic groups. This place also features business areas that are successful and upscale. Aside from that, there’s extensive police force here to ensure that residents are safe and free from any trouble. Bay Harbor Islands also has a world-class beach, restaurants, and hospitals. Aside from that, it offers above-average public schools, too, which is perfect if you are raising kids and living with the whole family.


Wynwood is an amazing neighborhood in Miami. It is perfect for both professionals and families. If you love the nightlife, this place is a paradise because of its bars, clubs, and more. It is a free, artistic, and trendy neighborhood that features lots of restaurants and offers mouthwatering dishes. There are also many art galleries here that you can visit during your free time.

If you are living with your family, there are over the top public schools in this place that have a wonderful environment and professional staff. It is also a safe place as cops are always present to check out for any trouble. It is a good place in terms of job opportunities and nightlife.

Miami Beach

a wonderful view of the Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a little island that is one mile wide and seven miles long. It is great if you are looking for a walkable Miami neighborhood. What makes this place one of the best places to live in Miami is its gorgeous scenery, the thriving business, diverse culture, and captivating art galleries, museums, and architecture. You will never run out of things to do in this place. Aside from that, it also features Mt. Sinai Hospital, which is one of the best medical facilities in the nation. Therefore, if you are looking into living by the beach, you can consider checking out apartments and condominiums along Miami Beach.

These are some of the beautiful places for living in Miami. All of these places are ideal for people with families, and all of them offer wonderful job opportunities. Aside from that, these places are safe and feature wonderful amenities that everyone will surely enjoy. All the places on this list also have the coolest condos and homes that you can choose from around Miami. This ensures you that you will be living in a nice community with easy access to everything you need.