Airplane Pillows That Will Make Your Travel Day Much Easier

Distance travel can be an exciting thing. There are sights to see, individuals to meet, and new places to explore. However, travel can be hard on the body. After all, you are sitting in one spot for extended periods. Expect to have stiffness, aches, and general discomfort. The neck is incredibly fragile. After all, there is not much physical support. It is considered one of the weakest points in the human body and yet often neglected. Ignored neck pain at times can lead to irreversible damage and multiple trips to the chiropractor. Fortunately, there is an airplane pillow that is perfect for removing and preventing neck pain.

Memory foam 

100% premium memory foam: means that it is soft and durable. Body heat ensures that the pillow molds perfectly to your neck, thus offering support and pressure relief. Combined with the pillow’s raised lobe design, it becomes a stylish option for those who sleep on their side or with a tilted neck. The adjustable drawstrings mean that even if you move, the pillow will stay secure. Most travel pillows are made out of cotton. Having a pillow made out of memory foam removes the unwanted bulkiness, and offers a lightweight design instead.


Unlike most travel pillows, there is a convenient pocket large enough for cell phones, glasses, and headphones. This nifty pocket will save you the heartache and extra travel expense of having to replace your smaller, pricier items. The pocket is unique in the way that it’s included in the design, and not a bulky feature that feels like an afterthought.

Easy to wash

This pillow isn’t your standard travel pillow, it’s a luxurious travel amenity. It’s sleek, black, and modern, offering comfort without the worry of ridiculous clashing patterns. The outer cover is made with an ultra-plush velour, and the added zipper makes it easy to remove. It is also machine washable and dryer safe to remove the worry of ruining the product.

Bonus items 

There are bonus items that are included with the travel pillow, such as earplugs and an eye mask. Like the pillow, the earplugs are made out of pure memory foam to fit perfectly in each ear. This removes the worry of the earplugs tumbling out of place or getting lost on the floor. The design also blocks out all sound. This includes crying, conversations, or the general commotion that comes with public transportation. For a nervous traveler, the earplugs can assist with the anxiety-inducing sounds of the plane or train itself. Such as the whirring of the engine, the roar of the wind against the plane, and high-pitched whines. The padded eye mask offers comfort while blocking out light. The mask itself is adjustable to accommodate the traveler. A travel bag is included as an easy and secure way to create your very own travel kit. Sleeping has never been easier.

One size fits all 

A commonly asked question is whether or not the pillow will fit any person of a particular height, the answer is yes. The pillow is designed for adult use, regardless of the traveler’s size. The fact that the pillow is for adult use only, offers a sense of security that there is something for you, and you alone.


A much-enjoyed perk of this pillow is that it can be used in any sitting situation. Whether you are riding in a car, watching tv at home, working at a desk, or relaxing by the pool, this pillow can add additional support and comfort for your neck. Removing the strain and stress on the neck prevents the pain of sitting or sleeping in the wrong position.

Lifetime replacement guarantee 

This travel pillow is durable and designed to last, regardless of how many times you travel. That is why there is a guarantee that if anything happens to your pillow, the company says they will replace it. Therefore you will not have to worry about returning to a life of uncomfortable travel. The replacement process is quick and easy!

In conclusion, travel can be an exhausting process, but it does not have to be painful. After all, there is a travel pillow out there that will not only mold itself perfectly to your neck but also affordable to fit nicely into your budget. It is conveniently easy to wash, dry, and even has a pocket! The storage bag paired with the bonus earplugs and eye mask creates a must-needed travel kit. The only head turns caused by this pillow are from the envious passengers, wishing they had one too.