A Guide to Picking the Right Skirt for Your Body Type

Next to dresses, a skirt is a must-have for any wardrobe. Having beautiful skirts of different varieties can take you from casual to formal events without any hassle. Choosing the right skirt type can be critical in accentuating your body’s shape and upgrading your look instantly. With that being said, it is essential to know the different skirt types and what body shape they work best. Read on to learn more.

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are slim-fitting skirts with a straight, narrow cut that typically falls at the hem. They are named for their similarity to a pencil’s tip that narrows at its ends. Due to its shape, they are best worn by those who want to emphasize the size and curve of their hips and slim legs. As such, they are not ideal for those who have wide or narrow hips. Style your pencil skirt with a puffy-sleeved blouse tuck in your skirt for that power look.

Tulip Skirts

This type of skirt comes with a cinched waist, an extra fabric around the hips, and a tapered hemline. They are perfect for girls with pear-shaped or hourglass body types to increase the contrast between the thighs and the waist. Ideally, they are not recommended for those with short legs because it can reduce their height and make the legs look shorter. Since the tulip skirt already has puffiness around the hip area, they are best paired with close-fit tops tucked into the skirt.

Pareo or Wrap-Around Skirts

In Tahitian culture, this skirt type was originally referred to as women’s skirts. Today, it has evolved to refer to a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body. They are often best worn by women who want to distract attention from their flaws, such as hiding the stomach. They are stylish, but can be harder to pair with a top. Ideally, your blouse should be close-fitting and bear a simple design not to overdo the styling.

A-Line Skirts

An A-line skirt features a fitted style at the hips and gradually widens as it reaches the hem, making it appear like a capital letter A. They are perfect for those who want to hide their narrow or wide hips. Since the hemline will often end below the knee, it can make your legs appear shorter. Style your A-line skirt with a turtleneck or a sweater for an edgy winter look.

Poodle Skirts

Poodle skirts became extremely popular in the 1950s. This style features full, swinging skirts with charming appliques, often depicting silhouettes of cute little poodles. The designs can also feature flowers, flamingoes, and even hot rod cars. Since it comes with a cinched waist, it can easily draw attention to the waist area and make the hips appear wider.

Trumpet Skirts

A trumpet skirt looks like a trumpet that is fitted near the waist until the bottom hem before flaring near the hemline. One concrete example of a trumpet-skirt is a mermaid skirt. Due to its shape, it can balance out wide hips.

Pleated Skirts

These skirts come with pleats that add a bit of styling to the look. It can create a slimming effect when it accentuates your waist. That’s why they are best styled by tucking in the blouse. Since the skirt already draws attention, pairing it with a casual top and flats will do to cop a more semi-formal look.

These are just some of the different skirt styles that you can choose from. Always go for the ones that allow you to move comfortably. If the look makes you feel awkward, do not force it.