Factors on Choosing James Allen for Your Engagement Ring

Picking a ring that your almost-fiancé will be wearing for the rest of her life is a very daunting experience. Guys can feel like headless chickens browsing around on the internet and running through jewelry shops. There’s no need to fear. Luckily for you, there are sites that show the process and guidance of choosing an engagement ring much easier.

This doesn’t mean you are off the hook completely. Consider the following factors when choosing a ring for her.

Good Reviews

Millions of people around the globe have gotten engaged, some even more than once. Consult reviews from guys who have already been through the process. Knowing what it’s like from another man’s perspective is sometimes all the encouragement you need.

You can also refer to this review on James Allen, https://www.netcoalition.com/james-allen-review/, and for tips on how to buy an engagement ring online.


If you don’t know this by now, diamonds and engagement rings aren’t cheap. The general rule is that a ring should cost at least 2-3 months’ salary. That doesn’t mean that you should bankrupt yourself in order to do this. And luckily, rules were meant to be broken.

There are loads of different engagement ring options that won’t break the bank. Set your budget at a level that you can obtain without working up a stress about it. There’s no need to follow outdated rules.

Her Personal Style

No one knows your partner better than you do and therefore you should consider her style when choosing an engagement ring. Not all girls like the same things and most often than not, women are very picky about the jewelry they wear.

Do some investigation and go through her jewelry choices. Notice the jewelry that she’s almost always wearing, not the pieces that are hidden away in her closet. Are her necklaces and bracelets mainly yellow or white gold? Are they big in size or dainty and detailed? Does she have an attraction to modern designs or vintage pieces?

Know all these things before you start shopping. If you need some advice, consult her best friend, mother, or sister.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you’ll soon discover why. These precious stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are on a tight budget you might consider one that is on the lower range of the spectrum. Diamonds are classified and rated by looking at the four C’s. Watch this for a complete explanation to understanding the 4 C’s of diamonds.

Some brides would love anything but a diamond. In a case like this, you can consider colorful gemstones like rubies, tanzanite, or sapphire.


Shape and Design

There are loads of different designs available. Some are very classic and ornate while others are extremely modern and sleek. Not only will you have to decide how thick the band should be, but also what shape the stone should be cut in. Popular shapes are oval, emerald, and pear.

The shape of the stone will determine the type of setting it will be placed in. Settings are important as they keep the stone in place and protect it against chipping or falling out.

You need to choose a design that flatters your partner’s finger. Delicate and thin bands look gorgeous on long elegant fingers, while some women are complimented by thicker bands with loads of big stones.

If your lady is somewhat eccentric and unique, then you can always approach a designer to create a one of a kind piece. Leaving the design up to the designer will give you the ease of mind. Your only worry will be how to propose, for some romantic proposal ideas, read this.


Choosing a metal is just as important as choosing the stone. It has to compliment your partner’s style and skin tone. Setting metals are typically white, yellow, or rose gold and platinum and It also has to be strong and durable. Most jewelers prefer gold over platinum.

When it comes to metal, you will have to choose the carat alloy composition. This usually refers to the weight of it.

Above all, enjoy the process of picking the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life and make it a precious moment to look back to.