Your Essential Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Accessories

Every girl knows that an outfit isn’t complete without the finishing touches; the bag, the jewelry, the scarf that transforms an outfit into something uniquely hers. Luxury accessories are beloved by women around the world because of their high-quality materials and their timeless design.

Today the pre-owned luxury accessories market is bigger than ever (and growing) with thousands of products being listed online every day.

If you are looking to treat yourself to something special, read on for your essential guide to buying pre-owned designer accessories.

1. Recognize the benefits of purchasing pre-loved luxury accessories

There is no going back for many shoppers once they are introduced to the world of pre-loved luxury accessories. This is because this type of shopping offers a wide array of benefits that make it extremely attractive to individuals who value quality items that don’t break the bank.

In fact, the price of pre-loved luxury accessories is one of the main draws, as you can find pieces that are being sold at a fraction of their original retail value. These pieces may have been barely worn in many cases, allowing you to get similar like-new quality for a lower cost.

Additionally, purchasing pre-owned accessories is one way to be a more sustainable shopper as you aren’t creating such a high demand for new pieces. This is especially true for jewelry, as these luxury pieces are often made with parts procured from heavily mined areas.

And, if you like to have unique pieces in your wardrobe and don’t want to be wearing something similar to everyone else, then shopping for pre-owned accessories provides you with an opportunity to do just that.

By taking the time to browse through pre-owned luxury goods market collections, you will find pieces that are no longer in circulation or are considered vintage. With these types of items in your collection, you can be assured that you are cultivating a style individual to you.

2. Research the best online marketplaces to purchase them

Now that you are convinced that shopping for pre-owned luxury pieces is a great option to consider, it is time to research the best designer consignment online.

Generally, it is recommended that you shop with a reputable online marketplace specializing in pre-loved luxury accessories, as you can be assured that they offer a wide selection of authenticated products.

Make sure to choose an online marketplace that utilizes the expertise of professional authenticators and provides a full money-back guarantee for products that fail to meet the gold standard.

Before you start shopping from an online pre-loved luxury marketplace, look for testimonials from previous customers and note any mentions of customer service standards and delivery time.

Additionally, you can tell a lot about a company based on their website.

Reputable e-commerce sites have contact details (such as an address, email, and phone number) clearly listed and are eager to assist you and answer your questions. Therefore, if you aren’t sure or are buying for the first time, send them a message to start a conversation.

Similarly, they should have website encryption methods that secure any information you submit. You can tell if this is the case because their website address will have an “s” as in “https.”

Finally, the overall feel of the website should be professional. This means it should be well laid out with high-quality images and well-written text. If a site doesn’t have these elements, you may want to keep looking elsewhere.

3. Know what to look for when browsing a selection

Once you have found your online marketplace of choice, the fun can begin!

At this point, you will be able to start browsing through their selection to see what luxury pieces await you.

At first, it may seem overwhelming with so many beautiful items. How can you possibly choose your special something? However, over time, you will learn how to look for that special something when browsing through a selection. Plus, you will get better at determining which pieces belong in your closet.

When you begin shopping for pre-loved designer accessories, you want to approach the journey with an open mind, while still being aware of what’ll work with your current wardrobe. One of the best parts of shopping on these sites is that you never know what you will find, and by cultivating curiosity, you will be better equipped to uncover hidden treasures.

Of course, you always want to prioritize authenticity, which you can easily do by purchasing from a reputable reseller and reviewing the certificate of authenticity or checking for stamps or brand marks. From there, the most important thing is that you love the item you’ve chosen and are excited about how you can style it for your daily life.

4. Maintain a personal style mood board

To help you make the best purchases possible, it is highly recommended that you maintain a personal style mood board. This activity will help you feel inspired by your wardrobe and ensure that your future pre-loved luxury accessory purchases are compatible with your image.

You can opt to create your personal style mood board using materials such as magazine cutouts and fabric samples or design it digitally with an app such as Pinterest.

When creating your mood board, include images that you are drawn to and that you believe exemplify your current style or what you are looking to achieve.

Once you have collected a variety of images, you can start to analyze the themes and patterns that show up, including color themes, textures, patterns, and styles. Continue editing down the images until you are left with a collection that makes you excited and reflects your lifestyle.

Then, next time you are browsing your favorite pre-owned designer accessories website, you can cross-check certain pieces with your mood board to see how they will work with your overall style.

While not everything has to match perfectly, you are more likely to get significant wear out of something that can be paired with a large majority of your closet pieces.

Are you a connoisseur of pre-loved luxury accessories? Or are you looking to dip your fingers into it? What items are at the top of your wishlist?

Let us know your thoughts and any additional tips you have for shopping pre-owned in the comments below!


Sabrina Sadiq is the CEO of, the ultimate marketplace for the world’s most exclusive, rare and luxurious accessories, incorporating cutting edge technology to redefine the luxury shopping experience. She is considered one of the leading experts in luxury goods authentication. Previously, Sabrina founded Real Estate investment company, specialising in residential and commercial portfolio acquisition. Sabrina holds the LLB from the University of Westminster and the LPC from the London College of Law.