Picking the Right Size for your Leather Lightweight Crossbody Bag

You’ve started the process of looking for a new bag or purse and have finally settled on wanting a bag that you can wear across your body. You know you want it to be constructed from supple high quality leather, and you know you’re going to be carrying it every day, so it needs to be lightweight. Oh yeah, you want it to look beautiful because it’s going to have to go with your unique style.

Now is the hard part. Lots of bags cover all of these bases, but how do you decide which size you need?

To figure this out, we’re going to viewing a few different sized lightweight crossbody bags from one manufacturer. We chose Embrazio from Boulder, CO as they provide three distinct sizes of crossbody bag that each offer different benefits at the same high level of quality.

While each of the bags below has their own pros and cons, we’re just going to jump out and say you can’t go wrong with any of them. The quality control here is top notch and we can confidently recommend any Embrazio bag. Which bag ultimately boils down to how much space you need…

Small Lightweight Crossbody Bags – Flexible, Versatile, Stylish

The smallest lightest crossbody bag from Embrazio is the Borsa. Borsa is designed to be a bag that can be carried three different ways:

  1. As a crossbody bag with a removable strap
  2. As a clutch when the strap is removed
  3. As a hip or fanny pack when belt is looped through

This bag was designed for busy lives. Need something that can transition from the office to a date night? Borsa is your bag. Want something rugged that can take a beating and look better over time? BORSA IS YOUR BAG!

The only downside is that it only really offers enough space to take care of your essentials. This is also one of our favorite parts of the bag as it means you can carry exactly what you need, all while keeping your hands free and without weighing you down. The best bags are the ones you forget you’re wearing, and this falls into that category.

  • Pros: Lightweight, stylish, converts into a clutch making it very versatile
  • Cons: Designed to only carry essentials.

Medium Lightweight Crossbody Bags – The Best of Both Worlds

Medium Lightweight Crossbody Bags – The Best of Both Worlds

For those looking for a little more room in their crossbody bag, Embrazio offers the Stretta. They claim their Stretta is their top selling back and we can see why.

This bag is soooo lightweight you’ll forget you’re carrying it, even when you’re carrying it ALL DAY! That’s high praise and reading some of the reviews on their website, it seems deserved. The bag appears to be made from the same supple leather as the Borsa but sized to accommodate more demanding lives.

This will hold most of your daily essentials (wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, etc.) with some room to spare. I wouldn’t tell soccer mom that she can take this for a whole day at Disney World, but it will accommodate 99% of women 99% of the time. This bag is a must-have for a reason!

Embrazio’s Handmade Leather STRETTA Crossbody & Hip Bag

Pros: Lightweight (especially for its size), fun tassels, available in 9 different colors

Cons: Size might be an issue for people who need to truly carry everything.

Large Lightweight Crossbody Bags – Carry Everything in Comfort

Large Lightweight Crossbody Bags – Carry Everything in Comfort

Last but not least, we wanted to look at Embrazio’s largest cross-body bag The Media.

The Media was designed in response to Stretta owners who loved their bags, but needed more space to truly carry everything. Designing a bag that offered more space, but doesn’t skimp on style is a tall order, but they delivered in a big way with Media.

While the expectation was “this is their biggest bag, this will probably be their heaviest bag,” we couldn’t have been more surprised. This bag is a beast, but it’s a light and nimble beast. Weight-wise, this does not feel like a big bag.

We don’t like to throw the word “perfect” around, but if there was a perfect lightweight crossbody bag, leather or not, the Media from Embrazio may very well be it.

Embrazio’s Handmade Leather MEDIA Crossbody Bag

Pros: Big enough to carry EVERYTHING, so many beautiful colors, top level construction

Cons: None that we can see!