How To Dress To Compliment Your Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is something that we all strive for, whether it be through our skincare routine or several lotions and potions, it is not something that comes straight from the bottle. But did you know that the way you dress can have a major influence when it comes to achieving that healthy glow? Here, we will be giving you our tips and tricks to help you dress to compliment your skin tone every single time. 

Look At Your Skin Tone 

Before even beginning to purchase clothes, it is important to be aware of the skin tone that you have. From here, you can then begin to match the colours to the skin tone for the perfect all-round outfit. To help you get started, we have put together a list of clothes that work well for every skin tone: 

Very Fair Skin tone – If you have a fair skin tone you are likely to benefit from wearing colours that are very neutral. These and pastel colours will perfectly complement the fairer skin tone and make your skin look glowing. 

Fair Skin Tone – If you have a fair skin tone playing with colour is something that you should definitely do. Whether it is a green, lavender blush or mint, numerous options will perfectly complement the skin tone that you have. 

Medium – this skin tone is also lucky with the colours that they can wear as the options are quite broad. With several choices such as royal blue, olive and pink all complementing the skin tone, you can mix and match your colour choices with ease. 

Olive – An olive skin tone is perfectly complemented by earth tones and colours such as orange, blue and navy and deep greens. With numerous options for dresses, jumpsuits and t-shirts in a wide range of these colours, you can have the perfect outfit for every occasion. 

Deep- For those with deep skin tones, colours such as white or black perfectly compliment the tone of the skin. In addition, there are also colour themes such as jewel colours that perfectly compliment this. 

Find Patterns That Complement Body Shape 

In addition to the colour theme, it is also important to find a cut that perfectly complements your body shape. This will aid you when it comes to looking great and feeling confident at every point in the day. Whether it is your favourite dress from rixo clothing or a flattering summer jumpsuit, there are many options for you to choose from regardless of the event that you will be attending. 

Match Colours That Suite You Hair Colour 

In addition to colours that suit the skin tone, finding colours that are perfect for your hair colour will also aid in glowing skin. Though this is a process that can take time by having a look that works well together you can ensure that you look and feel great all the time. The hair colour can also be perfectly complimented by accessories. These can be either shoes, coats or scarves and can all really help to complete the look and keep you looking and feeling comfortable all day long. 

Whether you are new to this way of choosing colours or you are getting ready to generate your ultimate summer wardrobe for when you have that summer tan, we are sure that these tips will help you to look and feel great at all times.