4 quick fashion hacks to woo your Valentine’s Day date

It would be fair to say that Valentine’s Day is something that well and truly splits opinion. Some people will jump straight into it with both feet, taking advantage of it whenever possible. Others meanwhile, will try and downplay it, and make it a truly lowkey day.

Strictly speaking, today’s guide is for those of you who sit in the former category. Or, it’s at least for those of you who like to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some regard. Whether you are male or female, there are always some question marks regarding what to wear, and today’s post will mull over four points that you should focus on.

Is this a first date?

First and foremost, who is the lucky guy or lady? If this is a first date, it stands to reason that the rules are much more different than if you have been in a relationship with said person for a significant amount of time.

If it’s a first date, you should be turning to your so-called safe outfits. In other words, stick with the outfits that represent you and your style as a person.

If you’ve been involved with the person for a long period of time, this can be the night to experiment. For example, you might normally be a straight jeans guy, but perhaps tonight is the night to try that chino look you have been considering and make a striking impression? Chances are, your other half is going to be more than happy with the effort.

Assess the venue

However, there are some caveats to the above. Not all venues are equal, and your choices should really depend on just how casual or formal your choice is.

The last thing you want to do is to wander into a ridiculously upmarket restaurant with jeans and a t-shirt, when a three-piece suit would be more appropriate.

Start with the shoes

As everyone’s style varies by such lengths, we’re reluctant to hand out any specific fashion advice. Instead, today’s article is all about general advice, and this next point touches on the shoes.

Try and make extra effort with these, regardless of whether or not this is a first date. This will be the first thing that your other half notices, and can really set the scene for the rest of your outfit. Check out these tan Chelsea boots for basic inspiration.

Stay comfortable

Finally, when all is done, make sure you stay comfortable. The last thing you want is to be walking around in immense pain as you bid to fend off the blisters from unsuitable footwear, or try and get through the freezing weather conditions armed with just a small t-shirt.

It might feel like a good “fashion” choice at the time, but as the night goes on it will look anything but. It will change your whole posture and demeanor, and will have the exact opposite effect on the person you are attempting to impress.