Reasons Couples Should Sleep in Different Beds 

Is your marital bed feeling like a storm-tossed ship? This is the case in most homes as much as the couple tries their best to persevere the challenges. If getting cozy sleep is affected by the turning and tossing of your partner. It is time that you consider sleeping in different beds in separate rooms. However, this should not be a reason to freak out as the reasons for this may boost your sleep and health as well. Although, most couples feel like their sex life will be affected negatively. This is not the case and you can give this a try to see how it works out for the both of you. Read on to find out other reasons couples should sleep in different beds.

Different sleep patterns 

Since not all families have the same sleep patterns from the children to the parents. In the same way, not every couple has similar sleep patterns. Hence, as a result, your partner’s sleep pattern may be interfering with your sleep quality. It is one thing that marital issues could lead to insomnia but this is not always the case as there are several other reasons for insomnia. So, if any one of you is suffering from insomnia it will affect their partner’s sleep pattern and cause them to have poor quality sleep. This problem can get worse if it is not sorted out and hence trying sleeping in different beds or rooms is one way to solve the issue.

You desire different mattresses

It is believed that once you are a couple you should learn to compromise on many issues. How about when the type of mattress you share is not right for one of you? It is easy when the mattress is not right for any of you. Since you just get a new purple bed mattress to sort out your mattress issue. Thus, when it is too soft for one or too firm. This will affect the quality of sleep of whoever raised the complaint. Apart from this, when one partner has an issue. It will lead to a disagreement that will affect your relationship which originated from different desires in a mattress. So, it is best to agree on a mattress that fits both of you if sleep is a priority to both of you. Better yet, choose to sleep in separate beds with mattresses of your choice, like a nice queen size mattress.

Poor sleeping habits 

Does your partner fall asleep only when they are watching a television rerun? If this is not a fun activity that you do together, both of you will suffer in different ways. Since sleep habits are different from each person this could mean separate beds for each. Particularly, if your sleep habits are completely different from one another. Such as, one has to listen to music or watch TV and the other wants complete silence or one wants the lights on and the other complete darkness. The list is endless on the examples of different sleep hygiene. These factors can cause sleep fragmentation, non-restorative sleep that in turn cause you to be irritable and fatigued the next day. Again, sleeping in separate rooms may be the solution here.

Snoring partner 

Have you ever considered kissing your partner goodnight and then retreating to separate rooms? If no, once you your partner starts snoring you will consider this as a perfect option as it drives you nuts. The snoring issue is common among many couples and it ends up in a conflict that may affect your relationship if not solved quickly. Just as individuals that sleep next to a freight train are disturbed with loud and irregular sounds. A snoring partner will interfere with your sleep cycle preventing them from reaching the deep sleep stage that makes them feel refreshed in the morning. Therefore, discuss this issue with your partner for it could be health-related, bad sleep habits like smoking before bed to sleep deprivation issues. All in all, rather than sneaking to the couch in the wee hours of the night discuss sleeping in separate rooms every night.

Clashing daily routines 

When your partner works in a shift job and has to interfere with your sleep often due to different daily routines. This disturbance from your blissful sleep is a great reason to opt sleeping in a separate bed. This is a common issue that affects a couple’s sleep patterns. On the other hand, you and your partner could be having different circadian rhythms that later on they cause conflict between the two of you. Hence, choosing to sleep in separate beds will give both of you peace of mind. Especially, when one is an early bird and the other a night owl. Optionally, if possible you can work on having a sleep routine that is ideal for both of you.

Your partner is too hot 

If your partner rivals a flaming log. This is another reason you have to move to a separate bed. As there is a certain temperature that is conducive to fall and stay asleep. When it comes to couples who sleep together the heat under the covers may be more than the optimal temperatures. Between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, are the recommended temperatures by sleep experts. Hence, when it surpasses this due to a partner that generates a lot of heat. It will affect the other one who ends up tossing and turning and waking up soaked with sweat.

In conclusion, a couple having to sleep in separate beds is quite a sensitive issue. However, who discusses their sleep compatibility as they are courting their partner? It is important to make sleep a priority for you and your spouse. Also, help each other solve any sleep-related issues that make you not achieve perfect sleep. Besides, lack of quality sleep can lead to other chronic illnesses as it gets worse by the day like cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, stress-related illnesses among others. Consider sleeping in separate beds until the issue you have is solved or if there is no other option for better sleep.